Keys that improves relationship – Part 1

Have you ever been ask by your partner that, do you love me? The truth is that most people have. When your partner ask you that question, you’ll be like… seriously… of course I love you. Then you’ll be wondering… why that question… because you think you actually love your partner. In your mind, you think you are doing it right but really… are you?

Love is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured. Many people today are enduring their relationship rather than enjoying it. I believe before you get into any relationship you have think it through, you have discover a strong feeling of affection and you observe the same from the other person which makes both of you agree that you’re in love. The question now is:

What happened along the way? Why are you not happy? Truth be told, you are supposed to be happy. You deserve to be happy. But why are you not? My guess is…. you have either lost the whole key or some of the keys that improves relationship. In my previous post, you’ve seen what love is, the importance and why you should love. Although there are numerous keys that improves relationship…. Here are some of the keys that improves relationship.

Your relationship is about to take a new shape……

Here we go….

  • Be Committed. You’ve got to put effort into your relationship to make it work. Tell me one good thing that comes in an easy way… none my friend. If you don’t want it, don’t waste time on it. But if you do, commitment is important. Be committed to the person and to the relationship. Put in work to make your partner feel special, and work toward making the relationship work.

… Good relationship don’t just happen. It takes time, patience and commitment.

  • Communicate. This is important. Without communication how can you know your partner, how your partner feel or what your partner wants. There is need to be a flow, a connection. It comes through communication. Communicate openly with your partner about your goals for the relationship and where you see it going. Doing this brings happiness.

… To make your relationship work, interesting and magical, you’ve got to keep talking.

  • Gratitude. Sometimes the way we communicate with our partner can be lost in translation, but gratitude is always understood. Always give appreciation to your partner by expressing gratitude. Thank your partner to show that you notice the effort put into the relationship. Show appreciation for the things your partner does, and also for the qualities that you love.

… Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had .

  • Trust. I’ve heard people say love is unconditional but trust and respect are not. You earn trust. You want your partner to trust you, you’ve got to earn it. How? You do things that will make your partner trust you. Trust is an action word. I can’t trust your words but I can trust your action. You will have to let your partner know through your actions that you can be dependent on before trust can be place on you.

… When you do right by your partner you earn their trust.

  • Don’t expect perfection. Don’t expect perfection from the person you love or in yourself. None of you guys are perfect. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Neither of you will be able to live up to these standards and you both will end up hurt and disappointed. Take it easy on yourself and your partner, and expect mistakes to happen. Expectations hurt.

… Making mistakes is not failing, it’s knowing how it can’t be done.

I’m ending for now on this note “Love is Life”

…. I hope you’re inspired. I am too. Leave comments below.



Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

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