Keys that improves relationship – Part 2

I’d like to start today’s post with this “Love is patient, caring and kind, Love is not self-seeking, Love keeps no record of wrong, Love protects and preserve, above all, Love never fails”. I’m sure you get that by now. Remember, no one says it’s gonna be easy, but it’s gonna worth it. With Love, it can only get better. Let’s look at it from this angle…..

Giving birth to a new baby. Every woman knows it’s never an easy thing to go into the labour room. The labour room is a place of pressure and pain. But as tough as that may sound, it still the place to get the job done. OK… let’s take it slow….

You want a baby. It’s a good thing but it won’t come easy. You’ll have to lay the first foundation. The process to the first foundation is fun and interesting right? Yeah. After the starting foundation as being made and the pregnancy confirmed you will start preparation for the deal day. If you’re married and you have kids, you will know that stage can be fun and at the same time stressful. Once all that is done. The labour day comes and the labour room calls. It’s a call you have to pick.

In the labour room the whole fun is forgotten for awhile. Although the whole process is fun and easy at the beginning but that stage is not fun and easy. But when the bouncing baby lands, everyone will be happy. You see….. Nothing good comes in an easy way. To love sometimes is not easy but believe me, if you do… you and everyone around you will be happy always.

…Relationship needs LOVE to survive and LOVE needs work to sustain.

Here is the conclusion of Keys that improves relationship………

  • Learn lessons and apply them. The truth is things will happen in your relationship both positive and negative. Youโ€™ll say the wrong thing, or your partner will hurt your feelings. It happens. Try to make the most of any negative situation, turning it into something positive by gaining and growing from the experience. Whatever happens, learn and move on.
  • Reconcile your differences. This is important. It can be hard to feel love towards someone when youโ€™re mad or upset. There will be times when issues will arise and arguments, maybe fight also will spring out. The important part is finding happiness together after the fight. Make sure after any arguments or fight you both come to an agreement. In that way, you move forward.

  • Share perspective. It is impossible to truly know another person’s motivations, reasons, and actions until we look with care and listen with an open heart. To grow and live together happily you’ve got to learn to see things through your partner’s point of view. Don’t be the know it all kind of a person. Share perspective.
  • Take responsibility. You see, many people today place blame on others for their own inadequacy. After childhood, you are expected to be responsible for what you say and do. Stop putting blame on your partner. It can be boring and exhausting to be around someone who constantly blames others but never takes personal responsibility. Remove blame from the equation and take up the mantle of responsibility.
  • Nurture your relationship. Any living being and any living relationship needs nurturing to flourish. Just like you have a new born baby. If you want the baby to be healthy, you need to nurture and spend time with her. The same goes to relationship. Give your full attention, show that you care and that you’re interested, and be mentally and emotionally available when you spend time with each another.

I’m sure you inspired….. I am too.

It’s great spending time with you. Leave your comments below.



Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

9 thoughts on “Keys that improves relationship – Part 2”

  1. Relationship is very important to improve on because there is no perfect relationship yet, so using the five keys Mr Elijah has presented in this post and any other one you know, it’s going to get better. Don’t give up, work on it, and you’ll reap the fruits of your labor (American).


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