Can you marry you

This is one interesting question right….? Yeah. If you are ready to get married today can you marry someone who is just exactly like you in character and way of life? You’ve got to be honest with yourself. Look deep inside of you and think about it, can you marry the person you are. You know yourself and I know myself.

Many of us will answer No to that question because we know those things we do which are not healthy or good for living. We expect a lot from our partner, many of those things we ourselves can not give.

You say things you can’t do, you gave promises you can’t fulfil, you gave words you can’t keep, sometimes you even lie to cover up your lapses and above all, you put blame of your inability or inadequacy on others…. Can you marry the person you have turn into or turning into?

The question is for everyone of us. Every now and then you talk about the speck in your partner’s eye that needs to be removed forgetting the log of wood in your own eyes. You spend time analysing your partner’s fault forgetting those things you do wrongly.

… The quality of your relationship depends on the quality of your personal/single life.

If you go right or live right and your partner does the same, then you both will enjoy true happiness. For real…. you and your partner needs to become a better person individually before your relationship can be better.

Many marriages and relationships out there fail because the individuals involve do not work on themselves personally. When you are 80-100% complete and your partner too is the same or more, then you can be rest assured that nothing can shake both of you. Even though the storm rage, you both will stand.

If you know you can’t marry you… it’s good to acknowledge it now and start working on the areas you are lacking and if you’re married already, it’s never too late. Put aside your ego, accept who you are and then work towards being a better person.

… Your life is important, work on it. If it is negative, you will experience negative and if it is positive, you will experience positive.

An old saying says “do to others what you want them to do to you. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated and also treat your partner the way you want your partner to treat you. May you find happiness in your relationship.

… Yes, I’m glad to spend time with you once again. Thanks.

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Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

92 thoughts on “Can you marry you”

  1. Great title my friend. It does take two to dance, marriage is a very intimate dance. Both sides of the marriage have to be conforming themselves to the image of God which will create change in the person for the glory of God.
    In Christ,

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  2. Interesting and good question. If I couldn’t marry my inner self with the understanding that I will continue to grow… whelp…. I shouldn’t marry another. Today it’s so easy to marry without understanding that people change. Meaning the person that you were attracted to at first will grow (hopefully for the best). Many people marry without an understanding that people change and are very entitled to change. If my spouse didn’t change from situations and life in general – then- my spouse is not growing and neither am I. I would marry myself πŸ˜‰ but i will be my own piece of work for sure

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  3. I agree 100% there are times where we worry so much about what the others can provide for us, but not about what we can give other people. This is sparks up some self reflection, and it goes back to a post I wrote earlier. If the answer to the title of your post is no then you need to take some time to work on you and figure out if you can give what you want to receive.

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  4. Great! The lesson I learned (American) from this post is that “The whole essence of life is to be the change we want to see in others.” If it can begin with you, it will definitely spread. Let’s work on ourselves first before we do on others. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Great post and excellent topic, Rotimi. Your tips apply to all relationships between two different folks.
    I have written severally on relationships too! Some of them include
    Why Some People Suffer Over matters of the heart @
    Loving the Wrong People @
    3 Types of Relationships you must quit@
    7 Secrets For men’s eyes only @
    Useful Idiot@
    11 Marriage tips for single Women and many more in the Relationships category of my blog

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  6. I admire the way you jotted down all the important facts that should be present between two. Each day i learn something new. I’ll keep this article in my mind for my future perspective. Even though i can apply this important facts in my friends circles. #keep up #you’re truly amazing.

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  7. Very good question to ask before pointing accusing fingers at others. This can be applied to every aspect of our lives not just in marriage. Awesome words of wisdom here. Thank you.

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  8. This is very true
    If I look at myself, I know there are still lots of things I need to work on and like they say “what is not solved in your singleness, will continue/grow in your togetherness”.
    People feel like being single is lonely and they rush into relationships to fill voids and not because they are ready to commit to someone and its wrong. We have to learn to use our singleness to work on ourselves and be able to look at ourselves and actually want to date us.
    This was a beautiful post.πŸ‘Œ

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  9. There is a text widget in your sidebar that needs fixed. I love this question. At first I was confused thinking no I can’t marry myself. I guess that indicates my own narcissism. But now it is a beautiful challenge. In order to gain a friend I must be a good friend. Thank you for pointing out that I must be a good spouse to gain a great marriage.

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