Say it out – Don’t keep it in

Yes… you probably have an idea of what I meant or maybe you don’t, but I have yet discovered another factor that kills relationship and send marriages to early grave. What is this factor…? it is not saying the phrase “I love you”, not seeing it as needed and seeing it as unimportant.

As simple as you might view it, it is one of the factors that causes break ups, separation, and divorce in our modern world. Partner’s are too busy, working tirelessly to give each other a good life and in the process forget why they are even doing it. Husband and wife are too busy trying to make a living and set up a good home forgetting why they came together in the first place. They allow stress and activities to grow them apart.

… Trying to give each other a good life is not bad, forgetting what brought you together which is LOVE in the first place is bad.

You will hear some people say…. common, I know I love her and that’s why I’m doing all this… I know I love him, deep down in my heart I do… Yes you do and you’re probably showing it by action too but it’s dangerous when you’re not backing your actions with the right or needed words. You can get carried away by the stress of work and activities around you.

Why is it important to say “I LOVE YOU” often

  • Saying “I love you” everytime increases the bond between you and your spouse. It continually stick you guys together you won’t grow apart.
  • Saying it gives both of you a sensitive connection and awareness to each other. Your spouse will always remain in your heart. There will be a great connection that nothing can sway.

  • It makes you see your spouse in a brand new way always. It keeps you guys young forever. It reignite your love affair and makes you want more of each other always.
  • Saying “I love you” is one of the key to your spouse happiness. It is a way you reassure your spouse that no matter what you’ll always be there.

… Don’t wait until Valentine day or your spouse birthday or wedding anniversary or other occasions before you say “I love you”.

There are lots of importance to saying the phrase “I love you” and I believe you can start to mention a few yourself. It’s crucial to say it out and not keep it in. When you guys first started, you said it out and loud and more often, then why have you stop or reduce it. It seems you’re getting carried away… It looks like the magic is lost… right…?

No… the magic is very much there but dormant. you my friend need to reignite it, jump-start it by start using the phrase “I love you” more often and genuinely.

I once experience this, but when I realised how important the word means to both my spouse and I happiness and how important it is to keep us connected… I quickly put myself together and start using the word more and more. Now, we grow stronger.

Say it out from now on, don’t keep it in anymore . Your spouse deserves to hear it from you always. I wish you a blissful relationship and marriage full of love and happiness.

It brings joy to my heart when you and I spend time together. Stay happy.

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Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

49 thoughts on “Say it out – Don’t keep it in”

  1. I agree with this so much… I think too it depends on your love language… I had someone telling me they loved me every day… but cheated on me as much as he told me he loved me…

    I believe in actions… let your actions show me how much you love me…then you can reinforce with the ‘I love yous’ but talk is cheap and anybody can say anything they want to…

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  2. I loved this post Rotimi. Three simple words that convey so much. I make it a point to say it to my wife everyday along with a great big hug to show her how much I appreciated her being in my life. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Nice one! The husband and wife are one of the most complicated relationships which build up in our mid-twenties…all other relationship we are born with and hence everything you said is so true plus starting this relationship is easy and maintaining is hard and it requires both of them. They have to think bigger than themselves reason this recreate another generation of them.

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  4. As people we tend to assume. “I assumed you knew how much I love you” is something I hear from other people often. Assuming that another being knows your internal thoughts and feelings is and will never be a good thing. Great post Rotimi Elijah!

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  5. SO TRUE. people tend to make the mistakes of keeping their feelings to themselves. Sometimes it really isn’t their fault. some people are just not certain how the people they’ve loved all their lives would react when they finally confess their feelings to them. it isn’t easy but then we really should not make a habit out of bottling up our feelings inside. we should show emotions more, no matter how ugly they may seem. showing our emotions at least once in a while helps. it helps our mind and our sanity.

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  6. Anyone who finds it difficult to say”I love you” to God on a daily basis will also find it extremely difficult to say “I love you” to his or her spouse as often as possible…nevertheless, practice makes perfect. Inspiring and full of life message.

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