Saying you do means you have to do

A lot of people wants to say I do on that beautiful day but yet does not know what it means. Some have said it and still doesn’t know what it really means. The value and purpose of the word “I do”  has almost been forgotten. People now prepare more for the wedding day than life after the wedding day. The word “I do” is now seen as ceremonial activity. People give little or no thought to it these days. 

But my friend let me remind you of what you know…. The journey of the husband and wife starts on the day of the wedding. On that beautiful day, the couple seal the constitution that will guide them for the rest of their lives with a seal of “I do”.  And according to the constitution once you say you do, you have to do, not turning to the right or left. 

It’s a serious business and you’ve got to understand it. For every business there is a principle, once it is neglected the business is doom to fail. For every country or nation there is a constitution, once forgotten or neglected, there will be chaos. 

Let me ask you…. When you say you do, what do you think you are actually saying? Does anyone have answers to that?…. OK…. Let me bring out a little out of the constitution. When you say you do, this is what you mean… 

  • I will love him/her for the rest of my life. 
  • Whatever happens we will always be together.
  • I will not be selfish but share everything together. 
  • I will take him for who he is… I will take her for who she is. 

Now my friend, that is just a little of what the word “I do” means. You’ve got to think before going to the court of marriage where you will say I do. The court of marriage can be your church, the court of law, the garden or any other place. Once you say it, there is no going back, you’ve got to stick to it, till death do you part.

… Saying you do means you are aware of all your spouse weaknesses and you are ready to live with it. 

Many people don’t have deep understanding of this and that is why you see divorce and separation everywhere in the world. It is during relationship and courtship you know if you can live the rest of your life with your partner. It is the time you make corrections and amendments, first with yourself and then you make your partner see the reason for correction if there is need for it. It is when both parties are satisfied with one another, then they can seal their union by marriage. 

But on the other hand, you know that he drinks too much, you’ve tried to Change him or make him see reason to change but nothing changes, why say I do?  Or when he eyes every available girls around without remorse, or when she won’t listen to nobody but herself… “why say I do?” Once you say I do to these things, you have to do. You have to love him/her for all that

So my friend, I believe you want a happy home free of divorce, separation and stress. You’ve got to ask yourself, can I say I do to my spouse? If yes and your spouse feel the same, you will be fine. But if no, then there is a problem. Don’t start what you can’t finish. And if you’re married, it’s never too late to make it right and be happy again. Put yourself together and make things right with your spouse and family. Life without happiness is hell on earth. 

Thanks so much for your time. Glad to spend time with you. 



Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

59 thoughts on “Saying you do means you have to do”

  1. Marriage, like love, is a commitment. It’s saying to God, “I want to partake of your institution.” But marriage, before one jumps into it, like you’ve pointed out, so clearly, is not with just anybody, therefore it is very apropos not to say, “I do” until one is truly sure. Good job, Rotimi.

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    1. Thanks a bunch. You really gave deep thought on this. Before anyone will want to partake in God’s business, such person should be sure because once you say you do, you’ve got to do.

      Thanks once again for your great addition Mr. Ojewale

      My best regards


  2. Thanks for these wonderful lessons, Mr. Rotimi. I’m indeed glad I read this. Thanks for sharing sir. I must say, this is a blog where youths need to spend their data rather on all-round entertainment blogs. Broken home leads to broken children and broken children shatter the peace of the society. Keep up the good job sir, and keep flying too.
    Cheers | OldNaija

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  3. How very true, before my husband and I married it took me forever it seemed to make the commitment. Being unsure, if it would work forever. Possibly it was just my fear of getting a divorce. Mainly for my spiritual beliefs. Although, finally after 9 years of being together we took the step to marry each and spend the rest of our lives together. Truly, it has been the most rewarding blessing to have found my true love. I am happy for the decision we made. It may have taken us longer than most to tie the knot but finally we did. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed you thoughts in this matter. Glad to meet you, and look forward to reading more. Most of all, I thank you for following my blog as well.

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    1. I’m glad to hear your true words Megan. You know what you want at that time and what you don’t want. I’m glad you made right decision with your husband. Both of you were sure and satisfied with each other before moving into the forever lane.

      Your comment is an inspiration to all. Glad to meet you too. Thanks for your time and true words. Wish you more happiness in your home.

      My best regards

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  4. Thank you for your Godly Advice concerning Marriage Rotimi Elijah and yes God’s Love can restore the foundation of broken Marriages when two not just One seek Him for restoration and when there is Heartfelt forgiveness and acceptance from both of weaknesses and shortcomings.

    Christian Love Always – Anne (Grannie Annie)

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with you Anne. You’re absolutely right.

      I love this… “when there is heartfelt forgiveness and acceptance of weaknesses and shortcomings with God’s love marriage is good to go”.

      Thanks so much. My best regards

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  5. Love gets you to the alter, but sincere communication will help keep you to your vows. BUT.. communication cannot and must not begin on the wedding day.. AND… absolutely NO topic you discuss should remain off limits because of secrecy or embarrassment.
    Those who ignore this will have the “year five” problems.. if you even make it that far.

    But even before you get to all this leading toward the wedding day… on your own, fully understand the human condition; how the genders relate, and what instincts each gender must answer to, and understand that marriage evolves due to the predictable (kids) and unpredictable (money problems, health problems, family issues, etc.) of life.., and that while getting married is all about love, both parties have different expectations. Communicate.

    Thus endeth the lesson. 🙂

    Great post, by the way. Makes people think.

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  6. Marriage is a garden and if you do not tend to it every day…it will be overcome by weeds. A lot of people have very romantic notions about marriage. It’s hard work and you say it very well that if you are not prepared to work at “I do” — just “don’t!” Great post topic.

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  7. I had some friends who had a lavish wedding that too a year to plan and included fairytale poetry and trumpet salutes; it was a beautiful wedding, but when it was over and they were left alone in the marriage, they struggled. They constructed a shrine to their wedding day, to try and put meaning into the marriage, but it was still just about the wedding. Their marriage didn’t work; it go too hard and they walked away from each other. I don’t think they were ever meant to be married, but it was hard to see how much they suffered during their short marriage and painful breakup. It taught me that it isn’t about the wedding, it is about the marriage. Thank you for this post.

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      1. when my brother got married, the contract they signed stated that in case of divorce, each one would take whatever it was they bought over the years. I’m not sure if there was a list for them to fill with the items or not.

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      2. Well, I believe divorce should not even pop up in the first place. When it’s a matter of love and heart I believe no one get married to get divorced later.

        When there is a contract that state such as you mentioned at the earliest stage of marriage, it can be dangerous. Why I said that is because if both couple are not well groomed together the consciousness of the contract can lead to divorce when things start going wrong.

        But when there is no thought or contract to be filled as touching divorce, it will not easily pop into the mind when things go wrong.

        Thanks for sharing. May your brother have a wonderful life together with his family.

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