29 Things to do More in Life. #3. Do More than Agree, Cooperate.

No one is an island of wisdom. I have come to discover that team work is an expressway to success in life. The only way to work as a team is through cooperation.

One can agree to something but yet gives no cooperation to it. Oftentimes people find it difficult to follow others opinions, especially when theirs is overrule. This happens alot in organizations, even in relationships and marriages. Just because the other person feels differently, you withdraw your cooperation but show a sign of agreement. Because of ego or pride you agree but gives no cooperation.

… Agreement is accepting something, its all about you, it’s your decision. You can choose to do it or not. There’s little commitment involve. Cooperation on the hand is beyond you. You join hands with others to move something to a particular place or goal and commitment is involve.

Relationships, Marriages, Career needs cooperation to keep moving and working. Agreement is good but its not every time you agree with people and its not every time people agree with you, so irrespective of who agree with who, once the goal is in view, one have to put away individual differences and join hands to achieve the goal.

For the fact that things are not done your way does not make it irrelevant, learn to see through the other person’s eyes. If you do that, you will learn to cooperate more. This is 2018, don’t work yourself out. Do more than agree, cooperate.

Thanks for your time. It’s always a great privilege to have you here.

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Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

17 thoughts on “29 Things to do More in Life. #3. Do More than Agree, Cooperate.”

  1. When the task is not all about you, even if you don’t agree just cooperate. Especially in an organizational structure, the interest of the organization should come before your personal interest.So most time the first thing you need is cooperation.

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    1. Really good. Thanks for your thoughts. For one to cooperate, there’s agreement. Even though the person does not like it. Not liking it is a personal thing, because he also knows that the organizational goals must come first, then he agrees to cooperate, not because he likes it but because it’s not about him, it’s about the organization.

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    1. First you agree then you cooperate. Agreement is the first step to cooperation. Let me give this instance…. Two people agreed to marry each other, and they both sign the marriage certificate, but the agreement is not enough to keep them together, they must cooperate with one another to live together.

      Now, cooperation is even though you don’t like it but because it is needed to be done in order to move forward to greatness you will have to agree and cooperate.

      Thanks dear. Have a great weekend

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