#6. Do More than Spend, Invest.

Everyone wants financial liberty. People wants to live abundant life when it comes to finances but the point is that a lot of things are involve and most people are not ready to face the truth. Life will always favors those who do things the right way.

…Investment is a key component to financial liberation.

Investment is an act of preparing for the future, either investing money into business or education, properties or real estate, or into your children and the likes. One can also invest in one’s time, using ones time to acquire value. Values brings money. Now…. What we discover is that, most people spend then try to invest after spending.

Money does not come by magic. You use money to get money. A lot of people are living in serious financial problem today because of inability to invest. Fine… Spending can never be overrule, why is because, we need to care for our basic needs, but to save the future, one must invest.

Donald Trump said… Investors are visionaries in some respect – they look beyond the present. Spending is mostly about now. To avoid tomorrow to be like today, we should do more than spending, we should invest. He also said… Don’t depend on anyone but yourself for financial security.

… Don’t invest what is left after spending, spend what is left after investing.

In this world, the rich gets richer and the poor…well… You know. There is always a beginning to wealth. Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the likes does not bring their wealth from heaven, it all happened here on earth, with hard work, consistency and little by little investment and today they are world figure. The journey of a thousand miles start with just a step.

Whatever will be your story in five, ten or twenty years time is being designed now. Invest your money and time. You can call investment a risky act… Yes, Ben Carson said and I agree that… Not taking risk is the greatest risk of all.

Do more than spend, INVEST. Save your future and save the world.

Thanks for your time. Up next is daily dose #6.



Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

30 thoughts on “#6. Do More than Spend, Invest.”

  1. Hi firstly thanks for stopping by my blog. Great post, one which is relevant to me at the moment as I’m looking into investments & very unsure how, so lots of research time for me as it’s not a familiar subject. I love the…’don’t invest what is left after spending, spend what is left after investing’. Very good 👍

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    1. No it does not. In as much money is coming in legally… It might be little or much, investment can take place. It will need you to first do some savings then once your savings has appreciate then start thinking of a possible investment…. I can help you with what you can invest on.


  2. “Divestment” is word that came to mind on this. Money is a very uncomfortable topic for me because of what most people like those you used as reference have done with their investments. I have made some pretty bad decisions myself with regards to money in the past so no judging. Money is an energy and like all forms of energy, can have a positive or negative charge. Right now Wall Street is tanking.

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    1. Hmm…. Your words came out real…. And you are right… Most of us have made some pretty bad decision when it come to money. I believe we grow every day and get better. Money can also have a positive or negative charge on us as you said. When one keep a right motive that is not only beneficial to himself but the world at large, I believe it’s going to a positive charge.

      Thanks for your time and words….. It’s great to have you hear. My best regards

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      1. Motive – you get it! Absolutely. Motive is a primary directive for everything we do – we need to check ours before we do things. Yes! Benefit the world at large – the “greatest most loving good for all.” I hope there is a positive charge. My best back to you! These are important discussions! 🙂

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