#9. Do More than Share, Give.

Sharing is very good. You know, it’s an act of giving. Sharing is to have a portion of something or someone with another person. It’s having a portion…. But giving is to freely transfer possession of something to someone.

Giving is important to keep life moving. We can do more than just share, we can give. Often times people think that it’s only money, food and material things that others need but sometimes people needs more than that…. They needed….

  • You to give your time and attention
  • You to give listening hears to them
  • You to show some love to them
  • You to just stand by them… and so on like that.

Material needs are good to met, but emotional needs are as important as material needs also.

… We rise by lifting others. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This makes us humane… Seeing the need of others and not only sharing but also giving.

When you give, you receive. It’s a law, a principle. Just like the law of gravitational force that states that whatever goes up come down. You loose more by not giving, by holding things to yourself alone. Life has a lot to give to you, but you got to give to life first.

… We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

No one has ever become poor by giving… When you give, you increase your capacity to receive. The more you give, the more comes back to you. Givers never lack is a popular quote that is so true.

Now… How do you give. You see a need and you meet it with a genuine heart. Everyone has the capacity to give, either big or small. Trust me, little things count.

… Never get tired of doing little things, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of the heart.

Do more than share, give in your relationship, marriage, family, career, business, neighborhood and so on. Your spouse, family, friends and the world at large needs you. Be the change you want to see.

Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it.

Up next is daily dose #10.

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Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

24 thoughts on “#9. Do More than Share, Give.”

  1. I love the quote: “Givers Never Lack.” So having abundance in our lives is simple. Of course boundaries are necessary, and yes as we give of ourselves we also want to gently make it known that we give from a place of strength, not weakness. We are smart enough to know when we need to replenish our stores of energy. We also learn whom to be generous to, and whom to avoid. For me the ideal path would be to give and receive, then nobody has to run out!

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  2. Just beware of energy vamps who feed on this sort of behavior – there must be consensual balance in the giving, taking and receiving. I am dealing with this issue right now in my own life. I have a friend who altered her body (weight loss surgery) and is grasping about now to “fill the holes” eating tangible food used to fill for her.

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  3. Give and take, it’s something that most people forgot today. Many just want to take without giving back .. I like to help other people, and noticed many don´t bother to help back, or offer themselves.

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    1. Hmm… Straight talk John. You are correct. Life is about give and take… People do forget that a lot. But it is also important to know that genuine giving is giving without looking back or expecting something in return.

      Thanks for your time and words. Have a great weekend

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