29 Things to do More in Life. (Contd)

Having talked about 12 of the things to do more in life, here I will share the 17 remaining. I want you to always remember that a life that is not fulfilling is purpose is as good as dead. We all have things to offer to life, if you don’t offer anything, nothing will be offer to you. To offer something and shine in your world, you need to discover yourself and do more of some certain things in life such as we have been talking about.

#13. Do more than help, serve. When you serve, you have reason to do more for people. You will not only help but show a deep care for others.

#14. Do more than think, plan. We have talked about do more than think, create, yes… To be who you are meant to be, you got to not only think, you got to make plan, then put your plan into action.

#15. Do more than dream, do. Stop fantasizing. Get real my friend… To dream is good… To do is great.

#16. Do more than see, perceive. Many see but they can’t perceive. This is one of the things that differentiate the winners from the losers.

#17. Do more than read, apply. I have issues with this with many people. They read but no application of what they read to their life. When you apply what you read to life, you will definitely move forward.

…Years back I found out that reading without applying is a waste of time… I’m sure you can agree with me.

#18. Do more than receive, reciprocate. This is what keeps the world going, giving and receiving. If one is giving without receiving, seriously…he’s going to dry out. When you receive, don’t stay a receiver.

#19. Do more than choose, focus. Hmm… making choices can be a life changing act if one is not careful. Some choices put us down and some lift us up. You got to be focus and choosing.

#20. Do more than wish, believe. I guess this is self explanatory. Oh I wish this…. I wish that… My friend, stop wishing and start believing. Stop wishing for it to work out, start believing it’s going to work out.

#21. Do more than than advise, help. Advise is of words, yes, they are needed but sometimes we actually need to extend our hands to make a significant impact in people’s life.

Yeah… I don’t believe in writing much to impact but sometimes it is needed… Flow with me my people… We are almost there.

#22. Do more than speak, impact. Let your words come out with meaning. Loads of people speak but few impact. Be among the few not the multitude.

#23. Do more than encourage, inspire. This is important to me. When you inspire, you give a push that will allow a move to do something. To encourage doesn’t do that.

… Inspirations connect your soul and mind to your inner strength and pushes to the lane of positivity. – Rotimi Elijah

#24. Do more than add, multiply. Adding is good, multiplying on the other hand is better.

#25. Do more than change, improve. Positive change is good. But don’t just change, improve. America and some other nations of the world gave room for improvement that is why they are what they are today. Some individuals did so likewise. You got to improve.

#26. Do more than reach, stretch. The world to be honest is not a fair place. Nothing comes easy. If you are waiting for things to happen, my friend, you are on a long thing. You got to stretch. Don’t wait for it, go for it. Remember you only have one life to live and time is never on your side.

#27. Do more than ponder, pray. Pray, you need to pray to be on top of your game.

#28. Do more than coexist, reconcile. Don’t just live, let people feel you. Be friendly, love more, care more. Be human. Life is short, don’t waste it.


#29. Do more than consider, commit. Don’t just consider things, be committed to things. Commitment gives you a sense of responsibility.

… When you sow the seed of commitment, you will reap the harvest of accomplishment.

There are lots of things to do more in life to be fulfilled, these are just few out of them.

Thanks for your time. I will love to hear other things to do more in life from you.

Stay refreshed.

Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

25 thoughts on “29 Things to do More in Life. (Contd)”

  1. Nice! Love these point! Sometimes I have to remind myself to take action on things as opposed to keeping the thoughts locked in my head. Really love the point of thinking to reciprocate as opposed to receiving.🙂👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful posts..am always inspired any time i go through your blog..you are my source of inspiration.
    Yes it’s very good to plan because whoever fail to plan,plan to fail.

    Liked by 1 person

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