Enjoying your time with your Partner

The main reason for having a partner is for happiness, love and good life among other good reasons too. There’s no point in having a partner who you don’t feel connected to or who don’t feel alive with. Be it courtship, dating, or marriage relationship everyone wants to enjoy each and every minute spend with their partner.

Being with someone you love, who also loves you back is a beautiful thing. You feel like a king and queen of your world. The world looks beautiful to you and you see reason to live. But there are things that makes the beauty of relationship last. Here are some point I think you can relate with….

  • Support each other’s work – help each other wherever possible, but not with criticism or judgment.
  • Take walks together regularly – this promotes a healthy body and healthy communication.
  • Taking dancing lessons together is not only fun and intimate, it will ultimately lead to the two of you feeling electrified.

… Enjoy the quality time with your partner because it is the memory you will share tomorrow. Create a good memory of each other

  • Tell him/her that he/she makes you a better person. And then tell him/her how.
  • Tell your partner what you find attractive in him/her – list all the qualities that you love
  • Think of a piece of food that he/she likes but is difficult to find and order it online or from a restaurant.
  • Try new things together – familiarity breeds contempt, so break out of old ruts and habits.
  • Use a toothpick to write “I love you” on the outside of an unpeeled banana. It’ll turn dark in a few hours and your partner will be able to see it.
  • Use words of encouragement – don’t belittle or put your partner down.
  • Value your partner above everyone else and make sure he/she knows how you feel.

… Life is short, live it well, be happy, catch some fun and stay out of trouble.

  • Wear things your partner likes – this will make your partner feel the need to be intimate and responsive.
  • Write erotic fiction for each other. Pick something you’ve done together and recreate it in words.
  • Stage an impromptu wrestling match and see who would come out tops – be careful to be gentle on each other!
  • Think about a time when something went wrong between the two of you.Then talk to your partner about it, starting with what you could have done differently.

My partner means the world to me. I’m sure it’s the same with you. Thanks for your time.



Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

54 thoughts on “Enjoying your time with your Partner”

  1. These are all inventive, exhilarating practices. My love and I did several of these, with daily affirmation of love being most important. She’s been gone, seven years today. I have no regrets, still feeling her presence.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wow… It’s such an honor to hear your words. I’m glad to meet yet another person who understand the power of Love. I can feel she was truly a wonderful person. Thanks for your time and words. My best regards

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad to do so Ben. We all need this as we often get lost sometimes in our daily living. Our partners are as important to us as our life.
      It’s always good to hear from you. Thanks


  2. All of these points are great! I’m absolutely going to suggest the final one to my partner soon. It’s not the most fun one but I think it’ll help us move forward, then we can get more enjoyment or of the other ones!

    Liked by 5 people

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