Assumptions kills Relationship

Assumption is deadly, like someone said, it is the mother of all screw-ups and mistakes. Some weeks back l learned how assumption ruins a marriage totally. Acting on things without having proof or fact is a cause of problem in relationships, marriages and even families around the world. It also extend to our career. Assumption can ruin someone’s career.

Assumption is said to be termites of relationship, it feeds on the relationship gradually until nothing is left. When one or both parties in a relationship indulge in assumption, there will be endless problem. Assumption does not only kill the relationship, it also hurt the heart of the person indulging in it.

Don’t just assume you know and start acting up on the other person. Most of the things we assume are sometimes wrong and most times, when we realize this, it’s often too late, a lot of words would have been spoken, a lot of things would have been done, someone might have been hurt.

When there’s a problem or you sense things that are unusual in your relationship or marriage or family, don’t let your mind start running round, don’t start cooking things up in your mind, don’t start assuming things… The best thing to do is to open up, ask, talk and communicate. You will discover that it is not as bad as you think or might not even be close to what you think.

… Assumptions turns heart against each other in a relationship.

Some people live on the assumption that their partner should know what they expect in a relationship… that is ridiculous. That kind of assumption will cause the bearer more pain when the expectations are not met and will cause the partner unexplainable pain because there’s no proper communication and agreement.

… A relationship is not based on assumption, it is based on communication.

In relationships, it is best to assume nothing. Assumption starts unnecessary drama. Once you assume one thing, it leads to another and another and like that until your heart is full of anger, resentment, pain, sadness and all kind of things that can make life unbearable. This things makes us act in strange ways.

Many of us have once being victims of assumption either now or in the past. A lot of relationships out there have come to an end because of this little fact. Some people make assumptions about their partner based on their past experience with someone else, this act will send your relationship to early grave.

Don’t just assume things are ok, they might not, your relationship or marriage might be dying underneath. Be sure, talk, communicate and act in love. Do not let assumption have a room in your heart or home.

Back to what I learned some weeks back…

it’s about a woman who assumed her husband is cheating on her not knowing it’s not so, because she refused to listen find the truth, she drives her man crazy until the health of the man became so bad. By the time she realized her assumptions was wrong, it was too late. She lost her husband to death and lost everything.

Assumption can be said to be the beginning of evil in a relationship… Don’t allow it.

Thanks for your time.

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Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

85 thoughts on “Assumptions kills Relationship”

      1. Yes Yes and Yes my friend. I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to relationships it can be a big issue. Communication is key to solve assumption issues in relationships.

        Thanks once again my friend. My best regards

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  1. I find assumptions in relationships often have their root in a misunderstanding. One person says one thing but their partner hears something very different. For me, solving these types of feuds has always relied on mine and my partners ability to step back and LISTEN from the others’ perspective. This post has given me a moment to think on those experiences. Thank you.

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  2. This is bang on !!!
    So true nothing is as dangerous as assumptions and prejudices in the relationship. Communication is the key.
    Hi, dear
    I loved your work. You have many times liked and appreciated my posts on SIWO. I would really like to invite you to visit my site and read a few of my blogs. And I would be glad if you appreciate and give a follow back πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  3. Very good insights. Many times we overthink when things are actually great, and many times we are indifferent when there needs to be action…and assumptions play a part both of those scenarios! Effective communication is key!

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  4. Rotimi I love your article and I must say you write so well, would definitely keep coming back for more😊 sure thing is it’s wrong to base relationships on assumptions, it’s deadly 😁

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  5. Probably the only beneficial assumption we can make is the benefit-of-a-doubt. This is not a conclusion to walk away from the doubt, but a holding place until we can verify the situation, as you suggest by communicating with the other person. Unfortunately, our society trend is to concluded guilt until proven innocent. – Oscar

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  6. This was very lovely to read…i loved the quotes and the lesson…sometimes we should assume that our partner should know what we want in a relationship✌

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