Marriage and Purpose

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and also a thing of joy. It is the beginning of a new stage in one’s life. When people talk about marriage, they talk about how lovely and wonderful it is. As true as that may sound, marriage can also be the beginning of the end. That sounds harsh right… Yeah I know.

… One of the worst mistake in life is to marry the wrong person.

Marriage has made some people great in life. Through getting married, some found the true path to their greatness. Also, through getting married, some have lost it for life. Marriage has change the course of some to the wrong side. All this I took my time to discover and I ask myself, how can something so good also be so bad…? Through series of reasoning and thinking, I found out that… Marriage is forever good but wrong choices lead people to wrong life in marriage.

Before marriage everyone has a life. They have both long term and short term goals, many have discovered their purpose in life and are working towards it, many are even living their purpose already before going into marriage. Now… Marriage is not created to pull all of those down or throw them in the trash, it is actually meant to edify and make it better.

… The best person you can marry is your friend, better still your best friend.

But the truth is, with all the effort towards life purpose, goals and a bright future ahead, once some people get into marriage it all fly out the window, things start falling apart, the purpose will seem lost, some of the goals and aspirations are forgotten, instead of a bright future, things will look dull. All this is inevitable once one make a bad choice. Once you marry the wrong person, your life is over. This is one big issue affecting more than half of the world.

No one can journey through life alone, there is always a time you will need someone. But when choosing that someone, make sure you choose someone who shares or ready to support your dream. Choose someone who you can relate with on everything, someone you can plan with and share life together.

… Your best can never be enough for the wrong partner.

This is very important to your life. If you want to get to your destination fast, you must take this serious. Positive combine with negative will only give you negative. There are people with great potentials, visions and dreams that are now living below expectations because they married the wrong person. Except if you don’t want to get married, but if you do, this is a serious business for you. Your life purpose and marriage is link together. The link can push you forward or backward.

Effects of wrong choice of partner in marriage includes…

  • Divorce/separation
  • Frustration/depression
  • Sadness/pain
  • Reoccurring anger/bitterness
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Bad health
  • Career degradation/loss of job
  • Wrong lifestyle
  • Suicide/death e.t.c

No one will be faced with things like this and still manage to think or work towards any life purpose except for a miracle. Right partner gives right marriage and that gives right life and greatness.

Your life needs you to choose right. When you choose right, you choose life.

Thanks for your time. Stay refreshed.

Drop your comments below.

Author: Rotimi Elijah

Rotimi Elijah likes to motivate and inspire people. He likes to be among happy people who loves unconditionally. He believes that love is the basis to true happiness.

108 thoughts on “Marriage and Purpose”

  1. You’re so right! Choosing the wrong marriage mate can cause a lifetime of heartache, frustration and pain. The Bible offers so many warnings of the dangers of marrying someone that is “unevenly yoked”. However, even though we may make the wrong decision if both parties are willing to put in the work you can still have a happy marriage. I’ve found that the Bible offers a lot of practical advice. Here’s an article that explains more:

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    1. Awesome words… Rightly said. Yes there’s a way out if one marry the wrong mate and the way is both parties will seriously work and pray to make it work out. But you know, prevention is better than cure. Or can avoid the stress by just choosing right.

      Thanks for your time and words. Really appreciate it. My best regards and wishes

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  2. It is written he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. Marriage was the first institution created by God and he did this for two reasons; “companionship and procreation” So for us to marry right and fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, we must seek God to direct and guide us to the right partner.

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  3. I think it’s true many people jump into marriage, or they aren’t really understanding what marriage is. When it comes to marriage, both partners should intimately know each other, have lived together to learn their living habits, and truly make sure that they are compatible before they say, “I do.”

    So many people get married and then realize that they aren’t as compatible as they thought and it boils down to lack of communication or getting married in the honeymoon phase. Relationships take time, effort, honesty, compromise, and communication to name a few, and it seems many people these days either don’t want to put in the effort, rather lie and “look good”, or are too selfish to truly realize what the realities are of marriage.

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  4. I once heard a wise man say, “Some of you wonder if you married the wrong person. Well, I say, if you are married, then it is the right person!” His perspective was that, if God allowed / ordained your marriage, then it is “until death do us part.” If it’s a strained marriage, then it’s up to us to make it work. Sometimes one spouse has to work harder than the other, but if we’re obedient to God, He will bless in one way or another.
    BTW, Rotimi Elijah, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I hope you can participate!

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    1. Yes, Yes…. The wise man perspective is good. Really good. Once a person is married then what needs to be done is to keep making it work. But a lot can be avoided before getting married by truly knowing the right person. The truth is many have found themselves in a wrong relationship or marriage. This is more reason why I advice one should be sure to a good percentage about the person to marry.

      I’m so sorry my response came late… This week happens to be so busy for me. Thanks so much.

      Your words carries insight. My best regards

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  5. It may sound harsh but it’s the truth. Usually the truth comes off that way. I think people are more aware these days — aware of themselves, their needs, the quality of their partnership. It seems like that would help them make better choices when it comes to marriage.

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  6. Nice post dear, marriage is a two way street you have to give to get inorder to make it work and really knowing your partner before getting married, too many people jump into marriage to soon. ❤️✌️


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  7. This is very true. Marrying the right person and making the right choices is very important. Also important is being the right person – if you want a great spouse, you must be a great spouse first.

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    1. Wow…. This is a wonderful testimony I must say. I’m so glad to hear this. You are right, should have share the positives.

      I’m sure you will be able to share with us some of the positive effects of marrying the right one. Thanks so much for your time and words.

      My best regards and wishes.

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  8. Finding right partner at the right time is miracle…I do agree your words…if we marry the right person we will achieve anything…. More than that we will be happy forever no matter wherever we are as long as we are with our loved ones…

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    1. Hmm…. You’re right about finding the right partner. It’s indeed a miracle but it happens if we stay open. Meeting my partner is actually a miracle. Your words shows how beautiful and lovely you are at heart Anju.

      Thanks a bunch. My best regards and wishes.

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  9. Well combined thoughts!! Marriage is set of compatibility!! We all are from different backgrounds and variations in thoughts. Hence often time will come when difference in communication will come but marriage or would say any relationship should be maintained with delicacy and care! Understanding the reason why one partner is behaving in different manner and taking care of the mood fluctuations will help to strengthen the relationships. As it’s easy to break the relationship but difficult to maintain

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    1. Hmm…. You are absolutely correct my friend. It is so easy to break relationship but difficult to maintain. And truly, marriage is a set of compatibility. Great thoughts from you.

      Do enjoy the rest of the day.

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  10. Nice post!!!!!!!!

    Marriage therapist and author, Ron Deal, shared a variation of the following inspirational poem, written by his late grandmother Lorrain.

    The Recipe for a Happy Marriage

    1 cup of consideration
    1 cup of courtesy
    2 cups of flattery carefully concealed
    2 cups of milk of human kindness
    1 gallon of faith and trust in each other
    2 cups of praise
    1 small pinch of in-laws
    1 reasonable budget
    1 cup of contentment
    A generous dash of cooperation
    1 cup each of confidence and encouragement
    1 large or several small hobbies
    1 cup of blindness to the other’s faults


    Flavor with frequent portions of recreation and a dash of happy memories.
    Stir well and remove any specks of jealousy, temper or criticism.
    Sweeten well with generous portions of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion.

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    1. Oh my my…. This is awesome… It is amazing. Everyone should get this. I’m glad for your great addition to the article. Thanks so much for your time and words. I’m glad.

      My best regards and wishes. Do enjoy the rest of the day.

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