Give Up or Stay

Sometimes it’s good to know when things are truly dead. As much as I believe in fighting for what you believe in, sometimes letting go is the only way forward.

… Some people are so stiff-necked that they don’t want to learn, improve, get better or give concern about others but themselves… Flee from them.

When you have gotten to the stage whereby there is no more positive signs, when things are been subtracted from you often, when your care and concern doesn’t mean a thing again… Its time to move.

I don’t advice divorce but will someone stay in a marriage that will kill him or her? Many people have gone to the grave too soon in life because of marriages and relationships that suck life out of them.

… When someone have a wrong attitude towards life, struggle in relationship is certain.

We don’t have a double or triple life. We are not in a video game where one can have a second or third chance to life. It’s just once and if we live it right, once is enough. It’s important to know when to give up if things are at the point of no return. Don’t suffer for nothing. Don’t accept the pain and says that’s how life want it. No, the ball is in your court.

If things are not as bad, then it’s time to sit down with your spouse and communicate about how to proceed. You guys don’t want to waste a lifetime on having issues every now and then. If things can be resolve, then I advice stay. No one knows the truth about your inner life, relationship or marriage like you do. So take responsibility.

… Always remember that without mutual understanding, no relationship can work.

Today marks one year I started this blog. I am so glad for such a wonderful people I have met so far. You all are family and I can’t trade you guys for anything in the world.

Happy one year Anniversary to Realtimelove – Inspire me. I love you all.

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The Pay Day

Life is like human, a sincere and honest human. It has eyes, it sees your deeds, and all you do is stored up for a pay day. Nothing goes unattended to in life. Your good is not forgotten, reward will definitely come.

… To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task.

Our planet earth is always in circles. Nothing stay permanent, each season is for a time. You have been doing good and it looks like you are not getting any good, don’t get tired, your season for good is just around the corner.

No matter how small the good you are doing is, there’s a reward for it and the same goes for doing bad. There is a pay for every action, it might come early or late but certainly the pay will come.

I have been seeing people get paid for their deed in life both good and bad. What I discovered is that the reward comes in a way that most people don’t expect. I am inspired to write this because of my experience in one the meeting I attended couple of weeks back….

In that meeting, there are people who are known to have a big heart and love to do good, they are faithful, some of them are living big and some are living low. And also there are people in that meeting who does things by face not by heart, they act like they are faithful but at heart they are not. Now this is how things turn out….

A speaker was invited from the outside to speak. This speaker knows no one among the audience. Then he asked all the children to come to the stage to sit, he told them he will be asking questions as he is speaking to the audience, so they should listen carefully. Now this is what amazed everyone…..

Each questions the speaker asked based on what he was speaking on, he gave a million naira(Nigerian currency) to any child that got it right… Wow… He asked about nine questions and each nine children that got it right was given a million naira each. One child got 3 million for answering a star question. About 3 children got 500,000 naira each. Altogether, the children that got something was 13 in number out of 95 children on the stage.

… One of the best way to live is to do good to others and yourself.

This is where I’m going…. Those money was given to their parents. I discovered that the people that got blessed are actually those that have one way or the other being doing good. Right there and then I know there is a pay day and it will come when you least expect it. Your own reward might not be money, it might be something else.

… Don’t do good because you want reward, do it because it’s the right thing to do.

There’s an amount of good each man can do according to our capacity, don’t keep it to yourself. You loose more by not being good to others. No one knows when the pay day will come. One thing is certain, all the good a man does is not forgotten and the same goes the bad. There is a pay for everything.

Thanks for your time. Keep up the good.

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The Struggle of Love

The struggle of Love. Love is all good and beautiful but now it is also use for the means of other agenda. People now show love mostly to get one thing or the other. I look around and begin to think… Where is true Love? Why is there so much deceit in love? Why is there no honesty in the matters of love? Why do people use love to take advantage of others? Why has people turn love to self affairs where they think only about themselves?

People now love mostly when there is a benefit to derive. If I can’t get something from you then why should you be in my life, that’s now the other of the day in today’s world. People are suffering and dying because Love is struggling to survive. Love is no more thriving but striving. This issue is now a global one and can only be address in units, as in individually.

… Where there is true love, there is life.

When spouse to spouse are not true to themselves anymore majorly because of personal interest and gain. Marriages are now going through all kinds of stress because husband or wife or both are now getting attracted to personal gain. Families are having crisis because members of the family love only from the face and not the heart. Love is now a mere word to most people, the action behind it is forgotten.

From leaders to politicians to business owners, even religious leaders, Love is struggling. Most of these people just want to be in power not that the love they profess is true. People now say one thing but meant another thing. How can this world survive in this manner? How can relationships, marriages, families, businesses survive in this manner?

… To love is something, to be loved is something but to love and be loved is everything.

The problem of this world starts with individuals not government or certain establishment. How can someone who is not truthful to his/her spouse, children or family be truthful to anyone else in the world.

There’s only one way this terrible system can change, and its through you and I. To live in the right meaning of love. Love is truthful and plain. There is no hide and seek in love. It’s always open. Why should you lie or deceive the one you love, that is no love, it’s murder.

We can’t change everyone but we can change ourselves. Let love thrive through you, your relationship, marriage, family and business, in that way, love will flow and connect us all back to the origin where love never fails.

I don’t want to be one of the problems of this world, this is our home and I want to enjoy it. I believe it’s the same with you. So, I’m going to let Love thrive from me to my family and the world. We should all do that.

Thanks my dear friends. It’s time to end the struggles of Love.

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My Timeline – Your Timeline

Timeline, we all have our timeline in this life. What is timeline…? A timeline is a display of a list of events in chronological order. It also means a schedule of activities or event, also a timetable. We all are sharing this world but we don’t share the same map and timetable.

Too many people are not living on their own timeline but others. This is one overlooked area which is affecting a lot of people. Everything we want in life is embedded in each of our timeline. So, when a man choose to live or follow someone else timeline where he has no entitlement, he’ll begin to struggle in life.

We all have a purpose for being here, we have different capacity, different destinies. We all are unique in our own different ways. No one should compare himself or herself with another. Our speed is different, our style is not the same.

… You can aspire to be a better person but not another person.

A lot of things causes people to live a wrong life and part of those things are…

  • Timidity
  • Fear
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Inability to discover oneself
  • Peer pressure, among others.

There are many reasons why people choose to live someone else life and not theirs and doing this only brings struggle and pain. For example…

You are a business student and your timetable shows you will do Financial accounting and Economics to be who you are supposed to be in life and then, you left your class because of one funny reason you only know into a science class where the timetable indicate chemistry and physics and you choose to be a part… You will struggle, get frustrated, maybe give up along the way because it’s not who you are.

… The source of many people’s problem across the world today is living the life that is not theirs.

When a car runs beyond its ability, a crash is most certain. It’s like racing a Ferrari with a Toyota Camry, both are good cars but with different strengths. If a Camry tries to cruise like the Ferrari, I don’t know…it’s going to be a bad experience.

Don’t look at the other person fast pace life, that’s how it is in their timeline. For the fact that someone went ahead of you does not mean you won’t get there too. You have your own timeline. Some people are destined to be millionaire in their twenties, some in their thirties, forties or fifties. Trying to live like the other person will only bring struggle and troubles, it can also bring death. There is greatness in all of our timeline, but in different styles and time. Stay focus.

Some people are meant to be musician but they are a banker, some are supposed to be a lawyer but they are marketer, some a politician but they are meant to be a comedian. I’m just saying… This is why people struggle too much in their life. This is why things seems to be out of control. You are not meant to be anybody but you. Not every vehicle uses petrol/gasoline some uses diesel to function. If you mix them wrong, nothing will function.

…To function well, you need to be you. To be original, you need to be you. The best person you can ever be is you.

Your timeline is different from mine but one thing is assured, if we stay on track and focus, greatness is there for us all.

Thanks for your time. I’m glad to spend my time with you.

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Failure is a key

Yes, Failure is a key. This sounds like… Wow, really… What are you trying to say? Yeah, what I’m saying is… Failure is not what people think it is. Most people see failure from the wrong perspective. There are many keys to success and failure is just one of them.

… The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake.
– Nelson Boswell

I’m not saying failure is good but I’m saying failure is not that bad and terrible thing many people see it to be. Failure is part of life and it is part of the stones or steps one needs to climb to success and greatness. Failure and defeat is not the same. Many people see failure as defeat, no it’s not. Failure is just a condition which can be change with consistency, determination, strategy and other positive attitude. Defeat on the other hand is surrender that it’s over. Defeat is a state of no hope.

… Failure is key to success, each mistakes teaches us something.

My failures in life makes me keep getting better, I choose not to run away from my failures, I accept them and learn many ways things could not work and work. There is no better life without mistakes or failure. The wrong way people see failure is one the most dangerous thing in the world. Seeing failure the wrong way leads to more death than the failure itself, death of life, career, business, destiny, purpose, relationship, marriage and many more.

Like I said, success has many keys such as hard work, determination, positivity and so on. Failure is also a key factor to success. Failure is always saying…

  • Don’t give up
  • Try again
  • Keep trying
  • You are almost there
  • You are better now, you can still be the best.

But oftentimes instead of people seeing what Failure is saying they choose to see defeat. Failure is an eye opener. It is also a map that makes you discover the route to success. Many people today are suffering from seeing failure the wrong way.

… No one can hide from failure, one can just make good use of it.

I love what John Maxwell said about failure. He said, failing forward is key to success. He advice we should turn mistakes to stepping stones for success. And that’s just it.

Here is what I know, I know that… Every great and successful people’s stories in life entails there journey of failure over failure until they did it. Don’t accept it is over… No, there is more to your life than what has happened or what is happening.

Here is a few quotes and words from some great minds…

  • “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” ~ Samuel Beckett
  • “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” ~ Confucius
  • “Great success is built on failure, frustration, even catastrophy.” ~ Sumner Redstone
  • “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot … and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed.” ~ Michael Jordan
  • “Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.”~ Henry Ford

Do not be your own hindrance to success and greatness. Know what’s good for you. I know what’s good for me. When I fail, I see it as one step closer to success. I learn and get better. This things can be hard to accept but I will always say that… Nothing good comes easy, you’ve got to work at it.

I wish you all the very best in your relationship, career, businesses, family, marriage and in all you do.


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Marriage and Purpose

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and also a thing of joy. It is the beginning of a new stage in one’s life. When people talk about marriage, they talk about how lovely and wonderful it is. As true as that may sound, marriage can also be the beginning of the end. That sounds harsh right… Yeah I know.

… One of the worst mistake in life is to marry the wrong person.

Marriage has made some people great in life. Through getting married, some found the true path to their greatness. Also, through getting married, some have lost it for life. Marriage has change the course of some to the wrong side. All this I took my time to discover and I ask myself, how can something so good also be so bad…? Through series of reasoning and thinking, I found out that… Marriage is forever good but wrong choices lead people to wrong life in marriage.

Before marriage everyone has a life. They have both long term and short term goals, many have discovered their purpose in life and are working towards it, many are even living their purpose already before going into marriage. Now… Marriage is not created to pull all of those down or throw them in the trash, it is actually meant to edify and make it better.

… The best person you can marry is your friend, better still your best friend.

But the truth is, with all the effort towards life purpose, goals and a bright future ahead, once some people get into marriage it all fly out the window, things start falling apart, the purpose will seem lost, some of the goals and aspirations are forgotten, instead of a bright future, things will look dull. All this is inevitable once one make a bad choice. Once you marry the wrong person, your life is over. This is one big issue affecting more than half of the world.

No one can journey through life alone, there is always a time you will need someone. But when choosing that someone, make sure you choose someone who shares or ready to support your dream. Choose someone who you can relate with on everything, someone you can plan with and share life together.

… Your best can never be enough for the wrong partner.

This is very important to your life. If you want to get to your destination fast, you must take this serious. Positive combine with negative will only give you negative. There are people with great potentials, visions and dreams that are now living below expectations because they married the wrong person. Except if you don’t want to get married, but if you do, this is a serious business for you. Your life purpose and marriage is link together. The link can push you forward or backward.

Effects of wrong choice of partner in marriage includes…

  • Divorce/separation
  • Frustration/depression
  • Sadness/pain
  • Reoccurring anger/bitterness
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Bad health
  • Career degradation/loss of job
  • Wrong lifestyle
  • Suicide/death e.t.c

No one will be faced with things like this and still manage to think or work towards any life purpose except for a miracle. Right partner gives right marriage and that gives right life and greatness.

Your life needs you to choose right. When you choose right, you choose life.

Thanks for your time. Stay refreshed.

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Self discipline – A bridge to Greatness

At the heart of any successful person, is self-discipline. Whether it’s success in their personal lives or their professional lives, self-discipline is key to success in everything. There is a price to everything in life and self-discipline is one big price that will get you what you want.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “With self- discipline most anything is possible.” Jim Rohn claimed “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” And Robert Kiyosaki asserted that “Confidence comes from discipline and training.”

Self-discipline can likened to a bag package needed to go on a trip. In that bag, everything needed for the trip will be there. Self-discipline carries essential things we need to succeed in life. In our love relationship, personal relationships with people, business or career, goals and desires, self-discipline is the bridge to success.

Self-discipline is what makes you do right instead of wrong, it’s what makes you stand firm even when there are lots of temptations. Inside self-discipline there is hard work, commitment, determination, endurance, self-control, respect, honesty and many more life changing attributes.

If self-discipline is lacking in ones life, motivations and inspirations can be useless. Self-discipline fuels your energy to act on the inspiration you receive. When you have a goal to achieve, you will know that there are things to be done to get to the goal. Many at times we let go on goals that would have make us great in life because we feel tired, lazy or lost. When there is self-discipline, it fuels you to keep going until you achieve your dreams.

… I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. – Daniel Goldstein

Like I use to say, nothing good comes easy and for every great life, there is a great challenge. So, self-discipline is a key player in all this. Right from the beginning of the world there have been people who through self-discipline enjoy the best out of life. In our world today, many are living their dream because of self-discipline. To be great, you must have the will to be.

Successful people in every field are often said to be “blessed with talent” or even just lucky. But the truth is, many worked harder than the average person can even imagine. From athletes like Michael Jordan, also Cristiano Ronaldo to executives like Howard Schultz, these people are known for waking up early and working toward a goal while other people are still in bed, and staying later than everyone else too.

All this might not sound new but as old as it is, it’s still taking people to greater heights in life. I will make it as simple as this… Get self-discipline, get greatness.

Thanks for your time. I’m glad.

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Nominated for Mystery Blogger award by Didi

Thank you dear Didi for having nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award”.

I consider Didi’ blog very much intresting. He writes with his heart about his own experiences and contributes with positive thoughts and words for a better world. Therefore, I recommend to visit his blog and find out yourselves his written treasures there.


The “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma



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9. Share a link to your best post(s)

Three things about myself

  1. I love to inspire people. I love to give motivation and encouragement to people, making them to see that there is more to there life. I love to bring out the best in a person. I accept people for who they are but help them to be on the right track if they are not. I believe in love, it is the true highway to happiness.
  2. I love to sing and compose songs. It’s one of my gifts also. After giving inspiration to people, this is another part of me that makes me feel purposeful. I have done a few tracks and I hope to do more in the nearest future. And of course, my songs are channel to inspire also.
  3. Then, I love to cook and cater for people. I like to bake and make some pastries. There are many things i like but these are just the three I love to share.

My answers to the questions asked by Didi

1. My hobbies are, writing, reading, inspiring, singing, catering, listening to music, travelling, meeting new people e.t.c

2. What is most important to me is sharing love to my world and the world.

3. If I’m to bring a new field into school program it will be Love Elementary.

4. How do I define Love? Love is giving life to others. When you share, give, care, support, you give life.

5. What means to me “man know thyself”? It means a man should know who he is, he should not try to be who he’s not. It means he should understand is purpose in life.


(Note: Participation is voluntary – ENJOY MY FRIENDS)
















1. Who do you think you are?

2. What gives you true happiness?

3. What is the motivation behind your blogging?

4. If you are to relocate to another country, which country will it be and why?

5. Which of the world’s inventions and inventors inspire you most?

Share your best post(s) link

I can’t really pick a best post because all are best to me but here is two of my post.

Thank you very much again, dear Didi wishing you much love and peace in your heart.

For all the nominees joining this Award: have much fun and enjoy it .

Credit goes also to all other bloggers, to the whole blogger family for sharing their words and thought, for writing and reading

Much love to you all.

Rotimi Elijah.

Be Conscious of it

Hello beautiful people, it’s time to be more conscious of it… Conscious of what exactly… Conscious of what we want out of life. All of the aspirations, plans, goals, blessings, greatness, good health, wealth, and every other things we want from life.

Here is how it works… Living in the consciousness of what you desire in life keeps you on track towards it. When you are conscious of what you want in life, it keeps you in expectant mode and also increases your capacity to receive. It keeps you focus and also add a passion and determination to drive towards your goals.

… If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place – Lao Tzu

A lot of people miss out on too many good things because they are not living in awareness of getting this things. Those who want success, think success and work towards success are the ones that get it. Our mind is a powerful instrument, it can be use for good and bad, it can attract positivity and also negativity. Many people out there are imprisoned in their own mind. Whatever you allowed in the consciousness of your mind get attracted to you. It works like magic.

… A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Those who are successful, those who are great and those that are living a fulfilled life are always conscious of their state of mind. When others sees difficulties they see opportunities, when others are saying there’s no way out, they are thinking there’s always a way and are working towards getting one. We all are a product of our thoughts. Whatever it is you can think, you can achieve. It all start with conceiving it in the heart and keeping it in your mind.

You need to believe in yourself and also believe that you can achieve those desires, you can get those things you want. You need to always keep them in your consciousness that you can be great and you will be great. Your destiny is in your hand. No man is born to serve the other but a lot of things change in the course of life sometimes through ignorance, laziness, negligence or lack of faith.

You are not too young to live your dream, you are not too old to achieve your dream. Check out Famous people who achieve success later in life. It’s never too late or too early to live the great life you want. You can still get that house, buy that car. You can still get married and have children even. You can still start that business. You can be who you want, It all start from how you perceive things. Channel your mind in the right way. Live in the consciousness of who you are meant to be.

Discover yourself, know why you are, give it what it takes, stay focus, be conscious of the greatness in you. You are a champion, live the life of a champion. Here are some of my articles that will help you stay on track…

Greatness is in you, to live it, be conscious of it.

Thanks for your quality time.

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Anger – A course of Destruction

Anger is a human emotion which is said to be good sometimes but can be destructive when it is expressed excessively or when it gets out of control. The truth of the matter is that, most times, anger usually gets out of hand. People often fail in controlling or taming their anger. Anger does more harm than good. It’s a major cause of problem in our world.

… Anger is one letter short of danger.

We are living in a time where a lot things can easily turn you off and set you on anger mode but as true as that might sound it doesn’t justify the expression of destructive anger. If you and I are to look at how things are in this world, we will keep hurting till life will be drained from us. When things happen and you get angry it actually add to the problem.

… Anger doesn’t solve anything, it builds nothing but can destroy everything.

An angry person can never think straight. Most of the things that comes to mind is usually negative. When anger is in action, destruction fills the air. Anger leads to rage and it does nothing but destruction. Anger clouds your judgement and put you in a position to hurt and be hurt.

… Ralph Waldo Emerson said… For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

Anger causes problem for us both on the inside and on the outside. It affects our well being. It has adverse effects on our health. A lot of people around the world have been destroy because of anger. A lot of businesses, families, marriages, relationships, friendships e.t.c has been put to an end because of anger issue. Too many people have lost lives and properties because of anger.

… Anger brings pain. Where there is anger, there is pain underneath.

Anger takes away happiness. It brings different types of negative feelings or emotions that not only put the bearer in pain but also hurt people or things around. Anger is as old as life, we know the outcome but yet many still fall a victim of it. Anyone that wants peace of mind and want to enjoy a good relationship, marriage, family, career or business should never indulge in anger.

… Maya Angelou said, bitterness is a cancer. It eats upon is host. But anger is like fire, it burns it all.

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge in these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you. Always put in a thought or two before expressing a feeling or emotion.

I have seen anger in display many times and the outcome is always bad. I use to have anger issues many years back and until I realized that anger does nothing but harm me more, I do away with it totally. Now, anger is the last thing that comes to mind, I learn to have control over my emotions. I’m sure you have seen anger being displayed on one or two occasions, it can be a terrible thing.

Always remember love does not entails anger. Love does not destroy. It gives life, it saves.

Thanks for your time. Have a blossom week.