Beyond all Relationships

Relationship is supposed to bring happiness but is it actually like that. Many at times, we are the enemy of our own selves. Often times we let things we can control have control over us. For example… You know quite alright that staying angry doesn’t change a thing but still you stay angry whereby things get out of hand. You have control but choose to be controlled.

Life, as wonderful and beautiful is… It is also short. Remember, one time you were 10 years old, now you know your age, before you know what’s happening, you will clock 65 and above. You and I don’t have the luxury of wasting a bit out of life. This is more reason why I have to share this poem with you.

… Life is designed for us to enjoy every moment with everyone around us.

… This poem is beyond all relationships

When I’m dead
Your tears will flow
But I won’t know
Cry with me now instead!

You will send flowers
But I won’t see
Send them now instead

You’ll say words of praise
But I won’t hear
Praise me now instead

You’ll forget my faults
But I won’t know
Forget them now, instead!

You’ll miss me then
But I won’t feel
Miss me now, instead!

You’ll wish
You could have spent more time with me
Spend it now instead!

You’ll wish
You could have spent all your money on me or with me
Spend now instead!

When you hear I’m gone, you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven’t even spoken in years
Please look for me now!

Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you have to make them happy!! your wife, husband or children, families, friends or acquaintance

Make them feel Special. Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever’

Love all and Forgive all.

This poem explain more on what we should be doing in life. Yes I agree… Sometimes people can be annoying, they can act in an unreasonable way towards you, maybe neglect you or do one thing to hurt you… I understand all that, it might not be so easy to forgive and forget but believe me, doing all that, carrying all that at heart will rob you of the very essence of life which is to be truly happy.

… Nothing brings more happiness than to live in peace with everyone.

You gain more by letting go than holding on. Like it is said… The past cannot be altered. It is gone. Now it makes no sense in using the past to destroy the present time and future.

We don’t have eternity here on earth and our life is not infinite here, so why waste it on grudges, anger, sadness, selfishness, and other stuff that makes no sense. Go, live a better life, enjoy your relationship with everyone in your life.

Life is short.

Thanks for your time. I’m glad to share my time with you.

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Assumptions kills Relationship

Assumption is deadly, like someone said, it is the mother of all screw-ups and mistakes. Some weeks back l learned how assumption ruins a marriage totally. Acting on things without having proof or fact is a cause of problem in relationships, marriages and even families around the world. It also extend to our career. Assumption can ruin someone’s career.

Assumption is said to be termites of relationship, it feeds on the relationship gradually until nothing is left. When one or both parties in a relationship indulge in assumption, there will be endless problem. Assumption does not only kill the relationship, it also hurt the heart of the person indulging in it.

Don’t just assume you know and start acting up on the other person. Most of the things we assume are sometimes wrong and most times, when we realize this, it’s often too late, a lot of words would have been spoken, a lot of things would have been done, someone might have been hurt.

When there’s a problem or you sense things that are unusual in your relationship or marriage or family, don’t let your mind start running round, don’t start cooking things up in your mind, don’t start assuming things… The best thing to do is to open up, ask, talk and communicate. You will discover that it is not as bad as you think or might not even be close to what you think.

… Assumptions turns heart against each other in a relationship.

Some people live on the assumption that their partner should know what they expect in a relationship… that is ridiculous. That kind of assumption will cause the bearer more pain when the expectations are not met and will cause the partner unexplainable pain because there’s no proper communication and agreement.

… A relationship is not based on assumption, it is based on communication.

In relationships, it is best to assume nothing. Assumption starts unnecessary drama. Once you assume one thing, it leads to another and another and like that until your heart is full of anger, resentment, pain, sadness and all kind of things that can make life unbearable. This things makes us act in strange ways.

Many of us have once being victims of assumption either now or in the past. A lot of relationships out there have come to an end because of this little fact. Some people make assumptions about their partner based on their past experience with someone else, this act will send your relationship to early grave.

Don’t just assume things are ok, they might not, your relationship or marriage might be dying underneath. Be sure, talk, communicate and act in love. Do not let assumption have a room in your heart or home.

Back to what I learned some weeks back…

it’s about a woman who assumed her husband is cheating on her not knowing it’s not so, because she refused to listen find the truth, she drives her man crazy until the health of the man became so bad. By the time she realized her assumptions was wrong, it was too late. She lost her husband to death and lost everything.

Assumption can be said to be the beginning of evil in a relationship… Don’t allow it.

Thanks for your time.

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Who is your Neighbour

Hello everyone… Today I want to share with you a poem I heard from a little girl living next to me. This poem talks about who our neighbour is and how we should relate with them.

Here we go….

Who is your neighbour…? Is it the one that lives next to you, that is near you day by day…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your clan.

Who is your brother and who is your sister…? Is it the one that just share your surname…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your family.

Your neighbours are bound in the wide world around… Your siblings are all around in the wide wide world…

That boy in need, that girl in need of succour, that fellow crying for love… That is your neighbour and that is your siblings.

That elderly bent grandma and grandpa unable to cross the road… That is your neighbour, a hand from you will see them through.

That poor mate of yours attending school on empty stomach, that is your neighbour, your shared snacks will lift his soul.


This actually add to my horizon on who my neighbour is. A lot of people think or believe that a neighbour is the one that lives next door… But actually we all are one family living in a big building called earth with different apartment and the one language common to us all is Love.

We are each other’s neighbour, be it you live in America or Australia, Haiti, Liberia, Iraq, Russia, Nepal, UK, Nigeria, India or anywhere else in the world… We are each other’s neighbour and we should watch out for one another.

Thanks so much neighbour for your time… One Love

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#9. Do More than Share, Give.

Sharing is very good. You know, it’s an act of giving. Sharing is to have a portion of something or someone with another person. It’s having a portion…. But giving is to freely transfer possession of something to someone.

Giving is important to keep life moving. We can do more than just share, we can give. Often times people think that it’s only money, food and material things that others need but sometimes people needs more than that…. They needed….

  • You to give your time and attention
  • You to give listening hears to them
  • You to show some love to them
  • You to just stand by them… and so on like that.

Material needs are good to met, but emotional needs are as important as material needs also.

… We rise by lifting others. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This makes us humane… Seeing the need of others and not only sharing but also giving.

When you give, you receive. It’s a law, a principle. Just like the law of gravitational force that states that whatever goes up come down. You loose more by not giving, by holding things to yourself alone. Life has a lot to give to you, but you got to give to life first.

… We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

No one has ever become poor by giving… When you give, you increase your capacity to receive. The more you give, the more comes back to you. Givers never lack is a popular quote that is so true.

Now… How do you give. You see a need and you meet it with a genuine heart. Everyone has the capacity to give, either big or small. Trust me, little things count.

… Never get tired of doing little things, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of the heart.

Do more than share, give in your relationship, marriage, family, career, business, neighborhood and so on. Your spouse, family, friends and the world at large needs you. Be the change you want to see.

Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it.

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Christmas all Around

Christmas is here again. It’s a season of love, peace and unity. All across the world Christmas is being celebrated. It’s also a time to give and be given to…. Here are some of Christmas celebration across the world.

  • Lagos, Nigeria

  • New York, U.S

  • Dubai

  • Paris, France

  • U.K

  • Rio, Brazil

  • Australia

  • China

  • India

  • Las Vegas

  • Berlin, Germany

It’s a time to be happy, to merry and to be grateful. Love more, care more and smile more. Love you all and Merry… Merry Christmas.

Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Salamata, Nagode, Oseun, Dalu….


What are you to your family

Today is about what we are to our family. We know that Family is a group of people related by blood, marriage, adoption, friendship, law or custom, especially if they live or work together. Family is supposed to be the closest to us because it is described as almost everything around us. From wife to husband, children, parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Family is all about loving, giving, caring and sharing. It’s about being there for one another, meeting needs, and giving attention when needed.

… The love of a family is life’s greatest blessings.

As a husband or father, a wife or mother, a brother or sister, uncle or aunt, a male child or female child, friend or neighbor… Are you taking care of your loved ones? Are you being there for them? What are you to your family?

It is good to give attention to our career and profession, it’s a good thing to be focus on it but it is bad when it start affecting the quality time we give to our loved ones. You got to remember that when life turns bad or sour, what you need most is your loved ones and when life turn out better and great, you’d still need them to celebrate with you, you can’t celebrate alone of course.

Whatever a man sow he will surely reap. If you’re there for your family you will get the reward and if you’re not there, you will get a reward as well.

… As an individual you got to do right by your family now, spend time with them because there will be a time you will look around and you might not find them.

You might be thinking or saying…. common…. I had a rough start, no one loved me, no one was there for me, I struggled alone, I got my wealth alone with my sweat… and so on like that… Yeah, you are right, I feel your pain, I went through almost the same as you or more. But if you decide to not care and stay away, are you not doing exactly what they did to you? Are you not turning into what they are? Remember, two wrongs does not make a right.

You can change the thinking and lifestyle of your family by being good both by words and actions. You can change the errors of the past and set the future free by a true act of kindness.

… Family is where life begins and where love never ends. It is everything. Together we can make a family. It’s up to us to make it good or bad.

If everyone of us can start thinking about what we are to our families and start putting things right if they are not, then, happiness and fulfilment is certain.


… It’s a new week and I’m happy to start it with you. Have a great week.

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