Wrong philosophies – Wrong Life

I have always believed in the power of the mind and I still do because it works magic.

…Whatever you believe of life or of yourself eventually happens.

You don’t have anything to loose by believing right. Everything starts from the mind… Think right, believe right and you will live right.

Many people out there are suffering not because the government or people could not do right but because they believe in wrong philosophies of life. Stop being myopic, stop being shallow in your thoughts because your stardom depends on it.

… You will never loose a thing for believing in yourself and believing great things for yourself. You will loose more if you don’t

Here I have some wrong philosophies you might have been used to which I think you should change because I believe they are not good for progress… They are limitations and you don’t need them… Roll with me….

Whatever will be will not be; you have to make it be. You have a part to play in what will be in your life, so don’t leave it to chance.

Why settle for half bread when you can get a full bread or even own a bakery. This is a limiting belief that positions you to settle for less and it is a mediocre philosophy.

A fool at any age can be a fool forever if he refuses to let go of his foolishness. It is never too late to become wise because the day you wake up and wise up is the day you CHANGE.

Yes! Physical fingers in your hands are not equal but that does not make any of them valueless financially, and you realise that they are all valuable. You are not even a finger, so why look down on yourself.

… Nobody came to this world a made millionaire or billionaire. Those that made it believe in greatness and in themselves and also work at it.

If you are below forty and believe this, I feel so sorry for you because it means you are not yet alive.

Is your age coming down? Is your wisdom and knowledge coming down? Is the price of goods coming down? Think my friend.

Why laugh last when you can laugh always and why laugh best when laughter is not a competition. When we program ourselves with these strange philosophies,they limit and restrict us.


Why do you want to associate with the devil, the devil depicts evil, no matter how you want to make it look. The Angel you don’t even know is doing its primary assignment of guarding you always. Nothing good comes from the devil. Desist from such philosophy.

…Change the way you think and talk… You will change the world.
You have the opportunity to.

RECREATE YOUR WORLD. Thanks for your time.


Why choose your Spouse

Yes… This is a frequent question that pop to mind in the early stage of my relationship. Those days when I felt like backing out each time stuff I don’t like happens… The question will just pop in… Why choose her? Right there I will begin to remember why I choose to love her in the first place, why I can’t live without her.

Remembering why I love her in the first place each time issues arises goes a long way to help me work on myself as a man and helped her too as a woman. What I have discovered is that…. Love never fade or fail, it is just forgotten. Once it happens, it abides, it might be forgotten but it will always be there.

We need to keep it fresh. Many people have forgotten why they fell in love with their spouse in the first place. They have forgotten the magical moment they shared with one another. They have grown on each other and now outgrowing each other.

Love do not grow old, it’s always young. Stay young at heart and let the power of Love flow through you.

Like I outlined in my previous post enjoying your time with your partner, things that can keep you and your partner fresh and young for ever. You and I needs to always remember why we are with our spouses. It could have been someone else, but it’s her…. Its him…. That means there’s a good reason for it.

When you remember how the love started and how much you love your spouse at the beginning, your heart will connect back to the source and it will be strengthened. It will keep the love of your spouse fresh in your heart. It will make you forget the errors and weaknesses.

It will make you see your spouse as they are, respect and accept them, then gradually work things out in love for the benefit of both of you. Remember how it all started…

  • Those times you can’t sleep without seeing your spouse or eat without your spouse.
  • Those time you buy a surprise gift, those times you take breakfast to your spouse in bed.
  • Those times you laugh and play around the whole house like a kid… And so on.

We might be growing older but it’s important to keep our love young forever. It add beauty to our life. If why you choose your spouse is because of Love, then I will say…. Keep it Fresh

Thanks for your quality time.

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Enjoying your time with your Partner

The main reason for having a partner is for happiness, love and good life among other good reasons too. There’s no point in having a partner who you don’t feel connected to or who don’t feel alive with. Be it courtship, dating, or marriage relationship everyone wants to enjoy each and every minute spend with their partner.

Being with someone you love, who also loves you back is a beautiful thing. You feel like a king and queen of your world. The world looks beautiful to you and you see reason to live. But there are things that makes the beauty of relationship last. Here are some point I think you can relate with….

  • Support each other’s work – help each other wherever possible, but not with criticism or judgment.
  • Take walks together regularly – this promotes a healthy body and healthy communication.
  • Taking dancing lessons together is not only fun and intimate, it will ultimately lead to the two of you feeling electrified.

… Enjoy the quality time with your partner because it is the memory you will share tomorrow. Create a good memory of each other

  • Tell him/her that he/she makes you a better person. And then tell him/her how.
  • Tell your partner what you find attractive in him/her – list all the qualities that you love
  • Think of a piece of food that he/she likes but is difficult to find and order it online or from a restaurant.
  • Try new things together – familiarity breeds contempt, so break out of old ruts and habits.
  • Use a toothpick to write “I love you” on the outside of an unpeeled banana. It’ll turn dark in a few hours and your partner will be able to see it.
  • Use words of encouragement – don’t belittle or put your partner down.
  • Value your partner above everyone else and make sure he/she knows how you feel.

… Life is short, live it well, be happy, catch some fun and stay out of trouble.

  • Wear things your partner likes – this will make your partner feel the need to be intimate and responsive.
  • Write erotic fiction for each other. Pick something you’ve done together and recreate it in words.
  • Stage an impromptu wrestling match and see who would come out tops – be careful to be gentle on each other!
  • Think about a time when something went wrong between the two of you.Then talk to your partner about it, starting with what you could have done differently.

My partner means the world to me. I’m sure it’s the same with you. Thanks for your time.


29 Things to do More in Life. (Contd)

Having talked about 12 of the things to do more in life, here I will share the 17 remaining. I want you to always remember that a life that is not fulfilling is purpose is as good as dead. We all have things to offer to life, if you don’t offer anything, nothing will be offer to you. To offer something and shine in your world, you need to discover yourself and do more of some certain things in life such as we have been talking about.

#13. Do more than help, serve. When you serve, you have reason to do more for people. You will not only help but show a deep care for others.

#14. Do more than think, plan. We have talked about do more than think, create, yes… To be who you are meant to be, you got to not only think, you got to make plan, then put your plan into action.

#15. Do more than dream, do. Stop fantasizing. Get real my friend… To dream is good… To do is great.

#16. Do more than see, perceive. Many see but they can’t perceive. This is one of the things that differentiate the winners from the losers.

#17. Do more than read, apply. I have issues with this with many people. They read but no application of what they read to their life. When you apply what you read to life, you will definitely move forward.

…Years back I found out that reading without applying is a waste of time… I’m sure you can agree with me.

#18. Do more than receive, reciprocate. This is what keeps the world going, giving and receiving. If one is giving without receiving, seriously…he’s going to dry out. When you receive, don’t stay a receiver.

#19. Do more than choose, focus. Hmm… making choices can be a life changing act if one is not careful. Some choices put us down and some lift us up. You got to be focus and choosing.

#20. Do more than wish, believe. I guess this is self explanatory. Oh I wish this…. I wish that… My friend, stop wishing and start believing. Stop wishing for it to work out, start believing it’s going to work out.

#21. Do more than than advise, help. Advise is of words, yes, they are needed but sometimes we actually need to extend our hands to make a significant impact in people’s life.

Yeah… I don’t believe in writing much to impact but sometimes it is needed… Flow with me my people… We are almost there.

#22. Do more than speak, impact. Let your words come out with meaning. Loads of people speak but few impact. Be among the few not the multitude.

#23. Do more than encourage, inspire. This is important to me. When you inspire, you give a push that will allow a move to do something. To encourage doesn’t do that.

… Inspirations connect your soul and mind to your inner strength and pushes to the lane of positivity. – Rotimi Elijah

#24. Do more than add, multiply. Adding is good, multiplying on the other hand is better.

#25. Do more than change, improve. Positive change is good. But don’t just change, improve. America and some other nations of the world gave room for improvement that is why they are what they are today. Some individuals did so likewise. You got to improve.

#26. Do more than reach, stretch. The world to be honest is not a fair place. Nothing comes easy. If you are waiting for things to happen, my friend, you are on a long thing. You got to stretch. Don’t wait for it, go for it. Remember you only have one life to live and time is never on your side.

#27. Do more than ponder, pray. Pray, you need to pray to be on top of your game.

#28. Do more than coexist, reconcile. Don’t just live, let people feel you. Be friendly, love more, care more. Be human. Life is short, don’t waste it.


#29. Do more than consider, commit. Don’t just consider things, be committed to things. Commitment gives you a sense of responsibility.

… When you sow the seed of commitment, you will reap the harvest of accomplishment.

There are lots of things to do more in life to be fulfilled, these are just few out of them.

Thanks for your time. I will love to hear other things to do more in life from you.

Stay refreshed.

#12. Do More than Forgive, Forget.

Life can be full of pain. Life can be full of people that hurts. The most annoying part is that, the people that hurts you sometimes are those ones close to you. How do you do when your loved ones deeply hurt you? When they truly break your heart and choose not to care? To be honest, it’s a very hard situation to deal with.

… Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future.

I have been hurt, in this life, the ones that hurt me the most are the ones that are close to me. My heart has been broken by loved ones a lot. But still here I am bouncing for greatness because i believe it doesn’t make any sense if people hurt me and I hurt myself more in return… I have to move, no one dictates my happiness but me. I not only forgive, I forget. Holding to the past and the hurts will only drag me down.

This is my little experience in life and I hope it will help someone to move on in life holding no grudges but choosing to fly in happiness…..

… Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong, it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak, it sets you free.

Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. When you forgive, forget as well because it brings true liberation. The truth is that, the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attributes of the strong. When you keep malice and grudges, don’t see yourself as Strong, you are weak. Don’t let emotions control you.

… There is no Love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without Love.

Even in relationships, marriages and family life we gets hurt. We need to truly forgive, forget and move on for peace and happiness to reign. It’s not easy, yes… But it worth it. If you hurt your love ones, apologize sincerely, let nothing ruin the love among you. Forgive and Forget.

Thanks, you all have been inspiring. Enjoy the rest of the season.

Up next is daily dose #13, #14, #15, & #16 altogether.

#11. Do More than Love on the Lips, Love from the heart.

Hmm…. This is actually deep. All across the world today Love is celebrated. But as much as it is celebrated, not all of it is true and genuine. A lot of people are being used, deceived, and cheated thinking they are being Love.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. There is a responsibility to Love. Once you say you are in love, you’ve got work to do and if you’re not doing it, you are simply not in love. You all know what Love is, it is more of action. You have to show what you say. Do not Love on the lips only, Love from the heart, with that you can see through the other person.

Many are quick to say words like…. I Love you… I really care about you… I can’t do without you… You are the love of my life… but the truth is that they find it hard to live to their words. They violate their own rules. Why is because the Love is not from the heart in the first place, only from the lips.

… True and genuine Love accepts and then modify. True Love keeps going, never back out or black out.

In my previous post The Mystery of Love I highlighted what Love truly is and how it should be given to one another. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. To Love is more than mere words, you’ve got to back your words with action.

… To Love is to see the other person’s happiness more important than your own.

Yeah… that is sacrificing, I know. When you do that and the other person does likewise, you will see your relationship, marriage, and lifestyle will flourish. Life will become easy. Listen to this….

…But when you do this and the other person is not ready or doing likewise then there’s going to be a problem. It means you are not loved as you thought.

To the ladies… Know what you want, do not be deceived. To the guys… Do it right. Above all… Let us Love more from the heart and not the lips.

Thanks for your lovely time. Wish you all a love filled relationship, marriage and life.

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#10. Do More than Decide, Discern

Hello happy people, I believe I met you well. We are still on at it…. At what…? 29 Things to do More in Life. And today, we need to start to do more than decide, we need to discern. Successful and great people discern and that makes them to escape or avoid some major falls in life.

To decide is to conclude on something. Many at times we make decisions which we sometimes know that we are not so sure about. Many at times we make decisions on what we have little or no knowledge about. I want you to know that there is always an after math for every wrong decisions made.

… One wrong turn can leads to more wrong turns. Wrong decisions leads to wrong destiny.

Many times you hear people say…. I made a mistake, it was a mistake, and over time, mistakes keep occurring. It’s no mistake, it’s a set of wrong decisions. When you’re supposed to do something this way and you do it the other way because you think that’s the way, you decided on it, but no discerning, so it turn out a mistake.

… Making mistakes or failing is not the end of the world, we learn from them, yes, but the truth is that over time of them stretches our journey in life, it extends the time of accomplishment for us.

This is more reason why discerning is of great importance to us to excel in what we do and live a fulfilled life.

Discerning is to show good judgment, recognize or find out. To understand something that is not clear. To see through things in a clear way. It is more than just deciding. When you discern, you take time to know which is really the best. This is an attribute of people ruling their world. You want to rule your world, you got to do more than just deciding, you got to discern.

Your relationship, marriage, family life, career and business will move on a faster pace when you discern. Make it a habit.

Thanks for your great time. Do enjoy the rest of the week.

Up next is daily dose #11. Stay refreshed