The Struggle of Love

The struggle of Love. Love is all good and beautiful but now it is also use for the means of other agenda. People now show love mostly to get one thing or the other. I look around and begin to think… Where is true Love? Why is there so much deceit in love? Why is there no honesty in the matters of love? Why do people use love to take advantage of others? Why has people turn love to self affairs where they think only about themselves?

People now love mostly when there is a benefit to derive. If I can’t get something from you then why should you be in my life, that’s now the other of the day in today’s world. People are suffering and dying because Love is struggling to survive. Love is no more thriving but striving. This issue is now a global one and can only be address in units, as in individually.

… Where there is true love, there is life.

When spouse to spouse are not true to themselves anymore majorly because of personal interest and gain. Marriages are now going through all kinds of stress because husband or wife or both are now getting attracted to personal gain. Families are having crisis because members of the family love only from the face and not the heart. Love is now a mere word to most people, the action behind it is forgotten.

From leaders to politicians to business owners, even religious leaders, Love is struggling. Most of these people just want to be in power not that the love they profess is true. People now say one thing but meant another thing. How can this world survive in this manner? How can relationships, marriages, families, businesses survive in this manner?

… To love is something, to be loved is something but to love and be loved is everything.

The problem of this world starts with individuals not government or certain establishment. How can someone who is not truthful to his/her spouse, children or family be truthful to anyone else in the world.

There’s only one way this terrible system can change, and its through you and I. To live in the right meaning of love. Love is truthful and plain. There is no hide and seek in love. It’s always open. Why should you lie or deceive the one you love, that is no love, it’s murder.

We can’t change everyone but we can change ourselves. Let love thrive through you, your relationship, marriage, family and business, in that way, love will flow and connect us all back to the origin where love never fails.

I don’t want to be one of the problems of this world, this is our home and I want to enjoy it. I believe it’s the same with you. So, I’m going to let Love thrive from me to my family and the world. We should all do that.

Thanks my dear friends. It’s time to end the struggles of Love.

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Beyond all Relationships

Relationship is supposed to bring happiness but is it actually like that. Many at times, we are the enemy of our own selves. Often times we let things we can control have control over us. For example… You know quite alright that staying angry doesn’t change a thing but still you stay angry whereby things get out of hand. You have control but choose to be controlled.

Life, as wonderful and beautiful is… It is also short. Remember, one time you were 10 years old, now you know your age, before you know what’s happening, you will clock 65 and above. You and I don’t have the luxury of wasting a bit out of life. This is more reason why I have to share this poem with you.

… Life is designed for us to enjoy every moment with everyone around us.

… This poem is beyond all relationships

When I’m dead
Your tears will flow
But I won’t know
Cry with me now instead!

You will send flowers
But I won’t see
Send them now instead

You’ll say words of praise
But I won’t hear
Praise me now instead

You’ll forget my faults
But I won’t know
Forget them now, instead!

You’ll miss me then
But I won’t feel
Miss me now, instead!

You’ll wish
You could have spent more time with me
Spend it now instead!

You’ll wish
You could have spent all your money on me or with me
Spend now instead!

When you hear I’m gone, you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven’t even spoken in years
Please look for me now!

Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you have to make them happy!! your wife, husband or children, families, friends or acquaintance

Make them feel Special. Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever’

Love all and Forgive all.

This poem explain more on what we should be doing in life. Yes I agree… Sometimes people can be annoying, they can act in an unreasonable way towards you, maybe neglect you or do one thing to hurt you… I understand all that, it might not be so easy to forgive and forget but believe me, doing all that, carrying all that at heart will rob you of the very essence of life which is to be truly happy.

… Nothing brings more happiness than to live in peace with everyone.

You gain more by letting go than holding on. Like it is said… The past cannot be altered. It is gone. Now it makes no sense in using the past to destroy the present time and future.

We don’t have eternity here on earth and our life is not infinite here, so why waste it on grudges, anger, sadness, selfishness, and other stuff that makes no sense. Go, live a better life, enjoy your relationship with everyone in your life.

Life is short.

Thanks for your time. I’m glad to share my time with you.

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When a Woman Love

This is the chorus of Travis Tritt song titled “The love of a woman” and it got me thinking about how precious a woman is…. Where would we be without the love of a woman, Standing behind her man even when he’s wrong. The true pure undying love of a woman makes a man a fool to think he can make it alone.

I am too overwhelmed about the love of a woman, I just have to write about it, it’s powerful. The love of a woman is the greatest blessing in a man’s life but yet the pride and ego of a man makes him too blind to see it. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately on this issue and I imagine how a woman is abuse because she’s doing what she knows how to do best, to Love.

… When a woman love, it’s in total, they give it all. They give their care, support, time, energy, resources, heart, soul and body.

Some men takes a woman for a sex machine. They don’t give the love the woman deserves yet come home daily demanding for sex, and you know the funniest thing… She will give it even when she’s not feeling a thing…


When a woman loves… I’m writing this with pain in my heart because the love our good women is showing to us is much. They take care for our every being yet receive little to nothing. Her thinking is 360 degree. She think and care for the whole family, the society and the world at large, her heart is filled with compassion for every soul out there.

Women nowadays are used as a means to an end, which is totally wrong. When a woman loves, it’s heaven on earth, it’s like paradise. For those who have enjoyed or enjoying the true love of a woman, you will be able to acknowledge with my words.

… In love, relationship, marriage or family the place of a good woman can never be under ride.

She cooks, clean, wash, prepare your body and mind for the day, when she’s tired, she gives you sex, when she doesn’t even want it, she still gives you because she knows you want it, your happiness keeps her going… She then again carried your child for 9 months with pain and yet she remain strong. She get stronger and stronger, feeling pain sometimes but giving love all times.


From a young girl, became a girlfriend, later betrothed, became a wife, a mother, later grandmother and if possible, great-grandmother. She’s an angel and a guiding light. Hmm…. Our woman deserves more.

No man should trade the love of a woman for anything in life. Money can not buy it but yet can bring wealth and health to the man that finds it. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Yeah.

No matter how much I love my woman, she will always love me more and she deserve me to keep giving my everything to her.

This is dedicated to all our women.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the rest of the day in Love.

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Who is your Neighbour

Hello everyone… Today I want to share with you a poem I heard from a little girl living next to me. This poem talks about who our neighbour is and how we should relate with them.

Here we go….

Who is your neighbour…? Is it the one that lives next to you, that is near you day by day…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your clan.

Who is your brother and who is your sister…? Is it the one that just share your surname…? Certainly not, the world is much larger than your family.

Your neighbours are bound in the wide world around… Your siblings are all around in the wide wide world…

That boy in need, that girl in need of succour, that fellow crying for love… That is your neighbour and that is your siblings.

That elderly bent grandma and grandpa unable to cross the road… That is your neighbour, a hand from you will see them through.

That poor mate of yours attending school on empty stomach, that is your neighbour, your shared snacks will lift his soul.


This actually add to my horizon on who my neighbour is. A lot of people think or believe that a neighbour is the one that lives next door… But actually we all are one family living in a big building called earth with different apartment and the one language common to us all is Love.

We are each other’s neighbour, be it you live in America or Australia, Haiti, Liberia, Iraq, Russia, Nepal, UK, Nigeria, India or anywhere else in the world… We are each other’s neighbour and we should watch out for one another.

Thanks so much neighbour for your time… One Love

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#11. Do More than Love on the Lips, Love from the heart.

Hmm…. This is actually deep. All across the world today Love is celebrated. But as much as it is celebrated, not all of it is true and genuine. A lot of people are being used, deceived, and cheated thinking they are being Love.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. There is a responsibility to Love. Once you say you are in love, you’ve got work to do and if you’re not doing it, you are simply not in love. You all know what Love is, it is more of action. You have to show what you say. Do not Love on the lips only, Love from the heart, with that you can see through the other person.

Many are quick to say words like…. I Love you… I really care about you… I can’t do without you… You are the love of my life… but the truth is that they find it hard to live to their words. They violate their own rules. Why is because the Love is not from the heart in the first place, only from the lips.

… True and genuine Love accepts and then modify. True Love keeps going, never back out or black out.

In my previous post The Mystery of Love I highlighted what Love truly is and how it should be given to one another. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it. To Love is more than mere words, you’ve got to back your words with action.

… To Love is to see the other person’s happiness more important than your own.

Yeah… that is sacrificing, I know. When you do that and the other person does likewise, you will see your relationship, marriage, and lifestyle will flourish. Life will become easy. Listen to this….

…But when you do this and the other person is not ready or doing likewise then there’s going to be a problem. It means you are not loved as you thought.

To the ladies… Know what you want, do not be deceived. To the guys… Do it right. Above all… Let us Love more from the heart and not the lips.

Thanks for your lovely time. Wish you all a love filled relationship, marriage and life.

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#9. Do More than Share, Give.

Sharing is very good. You know, it’s an act of giving. Sharing is to have a portion of something or someone with another person. It’s having a portion…. But giving is to freely transfer possession of something to someone.

Giving is important to keep life moving. We can do more than just share, we can give. Often times people think that it’s only money, food and material things that others need but sometimes people needs more than that…. They needed….

  • You to give your time and attention
  • You to give listening hears to them
  • You to show some love to them
  • You to just stand by them… and so on like that.

Material needs are good to met, but emotional needs are as important as material needs also.

… We rise by lifting others. – Robert Green Ingersoll

This makes us humane… Seeing the need of others and not only sharing but also giving.

When you give, you receive. It’s a law, a principle. Just like the law of gravitational force that states that whatever goes up come down. You loose more by not giving, by holding things to yourself alone. Life has a lot to give to you, but you got to give to life first.

… We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

No one has ever become poor by giving… When you give, you increase your capacity to receive. The more you give, the more comes back to you. Givers never lack is a popular quote that is so true.

Now… How do you give. You see a need and you meet it with a genuine heart. Everyone has the capacity to give, either big or small. Trust me, little things count.

… Never get tired of doing little things, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of the heart.

Do more than share, give in your relationship, marriage, family, career, business, neighborhood and so on. Your spouse, family, friends and the world at large needs you. Be the change you want to see.

Thanks for your time. Really appreciate it.

Up next is daily dose #10.

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Love Experience

What is your Love Experience in 2017? Do you find Love? Do Love find you?

… Life without love is a lonely world. Life without love is full of frustration.

Many will say they found love or love found them but my question is… If you found love, then what is your Love Experience? Many people will not like what is coming to their minds, even though they found love, their love experience does not speak love. Finding love is different from living love.

Many relationship across the world experience and endure lots of things such as betrayal, selfishness, cheating, mistreatment, separation and all that…. I must say that is not a good Love Experience. We all should be able to look back and smile at how we love and how we are love in return.

We should be able to smile at our own love experience. Some of us did not give our best and our truth to our partners, wife or husband, children and families in 2017. All we did from January till now whether good or bad is in our thoughts and people’s thoughts. You and I created a love experience through the year…. Do you like what you created?

… Now here comes a fresh page, a new platform and slate, a golden opportunity to start a new and a fresh… 2018. Your relationship, marriage and family needs you to survive.

… Love is the best inevitable experience one can possess. It is costless but many people lack it. It can only be found in true hearts.

It’s time to show love, share love and live love. Create a Love Experience that will not only bless you but every other person that sees and hears it. Whatever you do from now matters. It all depends on you to make it count. 2018 is here…. Live it in love… True love.

The Magic Words 

I have always believe that there are certain words that touches the heart of people. These words can turn a sad heart into a joyful heart, it can make an angry person come back to sense and calm down. It also binds and bring heart together. A little of these words daily can turn things around for good and for the better. These words works like magic… one minute someone is angry, and a sincere please and I’m sorry will just reduce or take away the tension. 

Sometimes a little thank you or I’m sorry is all the other person needs to feel loved and cared for. Many people underestimate the power of these words. The absence of these words have caused a lot of struggles in relationships, marriages and in families across the world. I have heard people say I can not be the first to say I’m sorry…. Wow, that’s ego… Now, what if the other person feels like that too, then there will be a big problem, both can turn to a lifetime enemy to themselves. 

Life is so simple, we are the ones that makes it hard. We don’t have to be selfish, unreasonable or full of ego. We don’t have to play hard to get. We don’t have to see the other person inferior to us or look down on anyone. We don’t have to live in anger or hatred for so long. We don’t have to always see everything done or given as little or nothing. 

… When you’ve done something wrong, admit it and be sorry. No one in history has ever choked to death from swallowing his pride. 

Its a good thing to be happy but a more beautiful thing to make people happy. You’ve got to use these magic words often, say…. 

  • Thank you often, it makes you to receive more. 
  • I’m sorry, it brings and bind heart together. 
  • Please, it connects to the soul and heart.

There are lots of magic words that makes life easy and happy but these three are important…. I’m sorry, please, thank you. Make it a lifestyle. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me. I’m glad to spend time with you. 


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    Taking people for granted

    I was about entering my compound when I say my neighbor talking to herself, angry and sad. I wanted to go my way because it was late and I was tired but then I saw the need for to talk with someone. I walked to her and asked… what happened? Then she opened her mouth and started telling me about all she’s going through, how people are taking her for granted, how they are looking down on her, how they are treating her as if she was nothing… She said, despite all that, I keep my best attitude towards them. Now she’s tired and fed up. She then asked me, what have I done to deserve such treatment from people, with bitterness of heart she said, God why?

    For the next 30mins I was there listening attentively to her. I allowed her to pour out those things that has been a heavy burden on her heart, then I said…. Ma’am, you don’t have to let people dictate your happiness. I told her that… she doesn’t need to change her good attitude towards life because of the inability of people to put there own life together.

    … Every man will get the reward of his actions, be it good or bad.

    I told her to take heart and be strong that things will get better.

    … Good attitude towards life attracts good things and bad attitude towards life does the opposite.

    I believe you can agree with me that this kind of issue is happening around us all. Why do human treat fellow human as nothing? Why do people take people for granted? This has been the cause of many suicide today. It has make some people take terrible decisions that affects them and everyone around them.

    When you take people for granted, look down on them or treat them as trash, this is what you’re doing to them…

    • you’re killing them slowly from the inside
    • you’re taking away there self esteem and joy
    • you’re making them feel they are not needed and there absence can not be noticed
    • you’re pushing them to a place of hopelessness and helplessness.

    Believe me, not everyone have the strength to withstand all that. Not everyone is surrounded by yet another set of people that are good who can encourage them to see the good and not the bad. Some people believe it is better for them to die than live and out of frustration they commit suicide. Some of the suicide cases we see are not totally suicide but murder. Fellow humans frustrated life out of these people.

    … More than ever before we should speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, judge fairly and defend the right of the poor and needy.

    Whatever good life or things you have today, remember you are just privileged, it might as well be another person in your place. Let us feel each others pain, be kind to people and together move our community forward.

    … Whatever good we do today will speak for us tomorrow.

    It’s been a while but I’m glad you and I could spend time together once again.

    Thanks and leave your comments below.


    Say it out – Don’t keep it in

    Yes… you probably have an idea of what I meant or maybe you don’t, but I have yet discovered another factor that kills relationship and send marriages to early grave. What is this factor…? it is not saying the phrase “I love you”, not seeing it as needed and seeing it as unimportant.

    As simple as you might view it, it is one of the factors that causes break ups, separation, and divorce in our modern world. Partner’s are too busy, working tirelessly to give each other a good life and in the process forget why they are even doing it. Husband and wife are too busy trying to make a living and set up a good home forgetting why they came together in the first place. They allow stress and activities to grow them apart.

    … Trying to give each other a good life is not bad, forgetting what brought you together which is LOVE in the first place is bad.

    You will hear some people say…. common, I know I love her and that’s why I’m doing all this… I know I love him, deep down in my heart I do… Yes you do and you’re probably showing it by action too but it’s dangerous when you’re not backing your actions with the right or needed words. You can get carried away by the stress of work and activities around you.

    Why is it important to say “I LOVE YOU” often

    • Saying “I love you” everytime increases the bond between you and your spouse. It continually stick you guys together you won’t grow apart.
    • Saying it gives both of you a sensitive connection and awareness to each other. Your spouse will always remain in your heart. There will be a great connection that nothing can sway.

    • It makes you see your spouse in a brand new way always. It keeps you guys young forever. It reignite your love affair and makes you want more of each other always.
    • Saying “I love you” is one of the key to your spouse happiness. It is a way you reassure your spouse that no matter what you’ll always be there.

    … Don’t wait until Valentine day or your spouse birthday or wedding anniversary or other occasions before you say “I love you”.

    There are lots of importance to saying the phrase “I love you” and I believe you can start to mention a few yourself. It’s crucial to say it out and not keep it in. When you guys first started, you said it out and loud and more often, then why have you stop or reduce it. It seems you’re getting carried away… It looks like the magic is lost… right…?

    No… the magic is very much there but dormant. you my friend need to reignite it, jump-start it by start using the phrase “I love you” more often and genuinely.

    I once experience this, but when I realised how important the word means to both my spouse and I happiness and how important it is to keep us connected… I quickly put myself together and start using the word more and more. Now, we grow stronger.

    Say it out from now on, don’t keep it in anymore . Your spouse deserves to hear it from you always. I wish you a blissful relationship and marriage full of love and happiness.

    It brings joy to my heart when you and I spend time together. Stay happy.

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